Lance Armstrong's Admission to Oprah Winfrey: What Hollywood Is Saying

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images
Lance Armstrong

"Bad day: Spent it on a 787 Dreamliner with Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o's ex girlfriend," quips Steve Martin.

Lance Armstrong finally came clean about using banned substances in his highly anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired Thursday night on OWN.

The retired cyclist told Winfrey that he used banned substances -- EPO, testosterone and human growth hormone -- as well as blood doping or blood transfusion to enhance his performance. The admission came after years of denials.

STORY: Lance Armstrong Admits to Oprah: Yes, I Used Banned Substances

Armstrong also admitted that he used those methods in all seven of his Tour de France victories. Asked if he thought it was "humanly possible" to win seven times without doping, Armstrong replied: "Not in my opinion."

While the Livestrong Foundation -- which Armstrong founded -- issued a statement saying it was "disappointed" in him, many in Hollywood were much harsher in their reactions. Among the tweets:

Steve Martin
Bad day: Spent it on a 787 Dreamliner with Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o's ex girlfriend.

Lena Dunham
Despite the latest news my father will not stop using Lance Armstrong as an adjective for strength and determination.

Michael Ian Black
If Oprah's smart, she'll have James Frey come out and give Lance a hug.

The Soup
All we've learned from #lance is that professional cyclists' blood is the alternative fuel source this country needs. Get on it Obama.

Harry Shearer
The lying Lance and the "truth-telling" Lance has one thing in common: use of the word "absolutely".

Rita Wilson
CHEAT ( noun) A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage. Lance left out the "behaves dishonestly" part, right?

I want to know what or who taught Lance to lie? What created the person who felt such a need to lie?

Albert Brooks
Would love to see Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds do The Odd Couple on Broadway.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit
No matter how many times Lance prepped for his interview w/ Oprah the 1 thing he couldn't overcome was how arrogant & pompous he came across

ESPN/ABC's Darren Rovell
+1 RT @TimLemkeTweets Say what you want about Lance, he was 1,000X more frank than Clemens, Bonds, McGwire, Palmeiro and Sosa combined.

Jack Osbourne
Honestly I don't care that Lance doped. He gave people hope and that's more important then anything. So what if he lied. #livestrong

Actor/author Fred Stoller (Seinfeld)
I want them to edit Lance Armstrong's scene out of my Dodgeball DVD!

Catherine Bell
Armstrong: It was all 'one big lie' ‪... wow. So sad. :(

Late Show head writer/executive produer Eric Stangel
Lance, did you ever snort Gold Bond medicated powder?

ESPN's Dan Rafael
At least Lance Armstrong's girlfriend existed.

Piers Morgan
He says, lying > RT ‪@BuzzFeedSports: Lance says he's "now out of the business of lying to people."

Marion Jones bit the bullet and told the truth and did time … will lance do time ?

Is lance Armstrong’s case any different than michael Vick’s

Comedian Doug Stanhope
Lance stands: "Hey lady. Name one other cyclist. Ever. I gave a ball to make this a known sport. Eat a f---ing dick." #dreamsequence.

Lance stands: "I rode a BI-cycle. A BI-CY-CLE, LADY! And I cheated at MO-No-POLY TOO! ARE YOU HAPPY???" #dreamsequence

Radio personality Greg Fitzsimmons
Armstrong stripped of his Olympic medal for using drugs. How long until they come after Amy Winehouse's Grammy?