Lanois releasing album digitally


NEW YORK -- Artist-producer Daniel Lanois will digitally release his new album, "Here Is What Is," on Dec. 15 via According to a spokesperson, this is the first digital download release being made available as CD-quality WAV files.

"Here" features Lanois in collaboration with drummer Brian Blade and the Band pianist Garth Hudson. Snippets of conversations with longtime collaborator Brian Eno are woven through the songs.

On March 18, Red Floor will release the new album on CD as well as the Lanois documentary of the same name. The film premiered this fall at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Lanois says the new endeavor "will allow us to quickly make something available to you that we are excited about. Imagine this ... I get up in the night and create a piece of music, as I often do, and the next morning we put it up on the site and make it available to all. We're only human and isn't it nice to serve something while it's hot?"

In addition, Lanois is planning what he calls the "Omni Series," which will compile different types of unreleased material for album-length collections.

"At the moment we are planning six CDs," he said. "One will be called 'Steel,' featuring steel guitar instrumentals that I love, some of them recorded during the 'Sling Blade'/'Teatro' era, and others more contemporary. They are melodic, serene and transporting, the sort of CD that I personally love to hear. Another, provisionally titled 'Midnight,' will feature more south of the border psychedelic material that could be viewed as a cousin to 'Belladonna.' "

As previously reported, Lanois and Eno are both working with U2 on the band's next album, a release date for which has yet to be announced.

Here is the track list for "Here Is What Is":

"Chest of Drawers"
"Where Will I Be"
"Here Is What Is"
"Not Fighting Anymore"
"Blue Bus"
"This May Be the Last Time"
"Smoke #6"
"I Like That"
"Duo Glide"
"Sacred and Secular"
"Luna Samba"