LAPD Explores Link Between Canadian Cannibal and Hollywood Head Mystery

Luka Magnotta Screen Grab - H 2012

Luka Magnotta Screen Grab - H 2012

Both cases feature graphic dismemberment, but conflicting reports emerge on whether Luka Magnotta was in Los Angeles at the time of Hervey Medellin's murder.

A shocking and gruesome murder case out of Canada is now being explored by the Los Angeles Police Department as having possible links to one of Hollywood's most notorious unsolved mysteries. 

Montreal and Los Angeles police are in communication after this week's capture of Luka Rocco Magnotta in Berlin, Germany, following an international manhunt. A 29-year-old porn actor and escort, Magnotta stands accused of having killed Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Chinese student living and studying in Montreal, then mailing Jun's body parts to political offices and schools across Canada. The two men were lovers at one point, according to Montreal police.

A graphic, 10-minute video capturing Magnotta allegedly committing horrific acts against Jun both before and after death -- including the suggestion of cannibalism -- as music by the band New Order plays in the background, was uploaded to, a website that traffics in ultra-violent video, but has since been taken down.

The similarities between that case and the unsolved murder of Hervey Medellin -- a 66-year-old flight attendant whose head and then extremities were found scattered last January along hiking trails in the Hollywood Hills -- were first noted by the New York Observer, who also found evidence that Magnotta might have been working in L.A. as a paid escort at the time of Medellin's murder.

The LAPD has since confirmed that they are exploring possible links between the two cases, with police spokesman Lyle Knight telling The Toronto Star on Thursday, "The body parts are the common denominator here. That’s why our investigators want to talk to the Canadians. We want to know if his whereabouts included Hollywood because we understand he was in the acting field and Hollywood being the acting and movie mecca, we want to know.”

Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere confirmed the two agencies are working together on the cases, telling QMI Agency, "We heard about (the Medellin case). Of course we will take a look on our side and track all of (Magnotta's) movements."

Lafreniere confirmed Magnotta was in L.A. at the time of Medellin's killing, which directly contradicts a report in the L.A. Times citing anonymous LAPD sources who said Magnotta had not been in the U.S. in two years.