LAPD Looking Into YouTube Video of Audi Driving Backwards in Hollywood Hills

The cellphone-recorded clip shows a dark-colored car going in reverse for miles on the busy, narrow Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

The LAPD is looking into a video posted to YouTube on Friday that shows a car driving backwards for miles on Laurel Canyon Boulevard through the Hollywood Hills.

The video, recorded with a cellphone from another car following the vehicle driving backwards, was uploaded to YouTube on Friday by real-estate broker Kevin Zanazanian. It's clear the incident occurred during the day but beyond that it's unknown exactly when this happened.

During the more than four-minute long video, Zanzanian marvels at the dark-colored Audi sedan going in reverse on the busy, narrow, winding section of Laurel Canyon, which mostly consists of one lane on each side. The video's description notes that the driver went in reverse from Mulholland Drive to Sunset Boulevard.

As of Monday morning, LAPD detectives were still trying to identify the driver of the Audi. Once they do, if there appears to be a crime involved, the police will begin an official investigation, an LAPD rep told The Hollywood Reporter.

Zanzanian, who included his phone number at the end of the video, told KTLA that a man was behind the wheel and a woman was in the passenger seat. He added that he was worried the driver was suicidal and was concerned for the safety of others on the road.