Lara Logan Wants to Return to Work

Lara Logan - The 33rd Annual Gracie Allen Awards - 2008
Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

But "she has no idea" how long her recovery will take, a friend says.

Despite being brutally attacked and sexually assaulted in Egypt, Lara Logan intends to return to work as chief foreign correspondent for CBS News and 60 Minutes, according to friends.

Logan won't be coming back anytime soon as she recovers from serious internal injuries sustained during the Feb. 11 attack. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

"She has no idea how long this is going to take," a source told the New York Post.

The Post reported that Logan and Kelli Halyard, head of CBS communications, had been meeting privately in her Washington, D.C.-area home.

Halyard told the Post that Logan and her husband, Joseph Burkett, were not ready to speak publicly yet.