Larry Clark's 'The Smell of Us' to Premiere at Venice Days

The feature, about a group of self-destructive skateboarders in Paris, is the first film by the "Kids" director to shoot outside the U.S.

ROME  The Smell of Us, the latest from Kids director Larry Clark, will have its premiere on August 31 as part of Venice Days, the independent sidebar of the Venice Film Festival, the film’s international distributor, Wild Bunch, has confirmed. 

The feature stars Michael Pitt, Alex Martin and Niseema Theillaud in a story of a group of self-destructive skateboarders in Paris. The Smell of Us is Clark's first film to shoot outside the U.S.

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Clark wrote the script with Mathieu Landais, a young writer more commonly known as S.C.R.I.B.E. The director first discovered this skateboard scene and Landais when working on his exhibition Kiss the Past Hello at the Paris’ Museum of Modern Art.

The film comes out 20 years after the director’s debut and is already being dubbed the Parisian Kids. Landais is also inevitably being compared to Harmony Korine, who met Clark while skating in Washington Square Park and wrote the script to Kids. Korine went on to direct Gummo and Spring Breakers.

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Except for Pitt, who also starred in Clark's feature Bully (2001) and starred in HBO's Boardwalk Empire, Clark has cast unknown actors for the main roles in The Smell of Us. It follows the same pattern Clark set with Kids, which featured Chloe Sevigny in her first film role.

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