Marketing Veteran Arthur Sando Tapped as Larry Flynt Communications Head

The management group oversees the Hustler brand, as well as multiple publishing, television, online, gaming and apparel businesses.

Larry Flynt has tapped PR and marketing veteran Arthur Sando to head communications at his Flynt Management Group.

Sando founded the PR department at Turner Broadcasting System, and then ran PR for King World -- which later became CBS TV -- for a decade. Most recently he was an independent communications consultant for ION Media and MLB Network.

Sando told The Hollywood Reporter he has known Larry Flynt Publications president Michael Klein for 20 years and was approached about the newly opened position.

"I came in and talked to Larry and decided it would be a good fit," Sando said.

Known as a cornerstone of porn and political activism, Flynt Management Group oversees the Hustler brand. Sando said his first order of business as head of communications is to familiarize himself with the company's many businesses, which include publishing, television, online, gaming, apparel and other retail.

"I'm excited about working with Larry," he said. "It's an opportunity to work with a fierce defender of the First Amendment. That's an exciting challenge."