Larry Flynt Offers Todd Akin $1 Million to Prove His 'Legitimate Rape' Claim

Larry Flynt Todd Akin - H 2012
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Larry Flynt Todd Akin - H 2012

The adult entertainment king took out a full page ad in the St. Louis Dispatch asking the Congressman to prove that women cannot get pregnant in the event of "legitimate rape."

Larry Flynt is throwing out his second $1 million offer this political season.

Having already offered Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock the cash to substantiate his claims about rape and pregnancy, the man behind the Hustler adult entertainment empire is offering $1 million for Rep. Todd Akin to prove claims he made this fall that women who are "legitimately raped" have a mechanism in their body that can prevent them from getting pregnant.

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In a full-page advertisement set to appear in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Sunday, Flynt writes, "I assume that you would never have ventured such an original statement about women’s reproductive biology, and suggested that women should have no fear of unwanted pregnancy from rapists, unless you have in your possession completely conclusive scientific evidence."

He continues, "In order to collect your $1 million cash reward, I will accept from you any proof in the form of scientific, peer-reviewed studies conducted by acknowledged experts in the field, published in accredited scientific or medical journals—or notarized statements collected by you, your campaign staff or the Romney/Ryan campaign from 10,000 rape victims asserting that not one of them ever got pregnant as a result of being raped."

The ad comes a few days before Missouri votes decide a tight senate race between Republican Akin and incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. Much of the furor around the comments had died down -- whether this ad will reignite the fire that caused many Republicans, including GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, to distance themselves from the candidate, could determine the outcome of the race.

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