Larry King on Elizabeth Taylor: 'We'll Never See the Likes of Her Again' (Video)

The former talk show says there is no other movie star whose death would generate the same kind of attention as Taylor's did Wednesday.

Larry King praised Elizabeth Taylor as being one of a kind in an appearance Wednesday on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.

King argued that there is no bigger star in the world and that no one will ever fill her shoes.

"She was the last," he said. "There is no one who could step in her shows. I couldn't think of anyone in the film industry today who could sadly pass away -- anyone -- who could have the attention that she had today in the world."

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King recalled the years of work that Taylor -- who died Wednesday -- did for those with HIV/AIDS, saying she was one of the first to take up the cause.

"When the AIDS thing burst on the scene, she was the first," King told Morgan. "She got all these movies stars to join with her. She urged the president to pay more attention to it. Before Rock Hudson acquired it, she was into AIDS. And when she fought for something, she fought for it vigorously. She gave it all she had. A word that fits her is 'passion.' She was passionate about everything. She soaked it up. She changed the room when she walked into it. We'll never see the likes of her again. Never."

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King also went on to praise Taylor's beauty.

"You've never seen eyes like Elizabeth Taylor's," he said. "They were deep violet. She was a tiny woman; she was not tall at all. But she had a face that went right through you. She had a magnificent presence."

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King described the late actress as  "great interview" and said the Taylor whom viewers saw on screen was the same one he knew in real life.

"She told you what she thought," he said. "She was fun to be with. She was very funny. She had a great sense of humor and a great sense of herself and what she wanted."