Larry King, Horatio Sanz, Mike Tyson Spoof the GOP Candidates in Mock Presidential Debate for Funny or Die

Funny Or Die Yahoo Presidential Debate - H 2012

Funny Or Die Yahoo Presidential Debate - H 2012

The comedic website partnered with Yahoo! to mock the Republicans vying for the Presidential nomination.

For folks that didn't get their fill of the GOP Presidential candidates during the Iowa caucus, Funny or Die, in partnership with Yahoo! has the answer

The comedy website put together the GOP Presidential Internet Online Cyber Debate, a more-than 13-minute spoof of the Republican party's candidates. 

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Larry King served as moderator for the faux political showdown, which featured Newt Gingrich (Horatio Sanz), Rick Santorum (John C. McGinley), Rick Perry (Patrick Warburton), Michele Bachmann (Erin Gibson) - who was joined by husband Marcus (Bryan Safi), Mitt Romney (Rob Delaney), Ron Paul (Leslie Jordan) and Jon Huntsman (Greg Germann). 

"Iowa, you've spoken loud and clear, I get it. There's no "I" in Iowa," said Bachmann. "I am thrilled to be talking to the Internet today. You know, I used to talk to the Internet all the time when it said 'You've got mail.'"

When asked why he would make a good President, Gov. Perry was stumped, stammering, "Ahhh, honestly, I do not know. I could say some stuff like, 'I'm good at executions,' cause people like it when I say that stuff. Or, um, 'gays give me the hebejeebees, but Santorum's already got the homophobic vote. I just don't want to make another mistake, so please..." 

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"If I get elected President, I won't be President, I'll be Uncle Ron," said Santorum in reference to wanting small government. "Come sit on my knee, I'll have a knee waitin.'"

Hermon Cain (Mike Tyson reprising his previous role) wasn't included in the debate, but he did have an ad spot during the faux debate's commercial break, promoting Caintime Live, a new show where he promises to count down the top 999 issues of the day. 

The spoof also features a red-robed Barack Obama (Reggie Brown), who delivers his rebuttal in front of a fire and with slow-jam background music. 

"After hearing what all the candidates had to say, I know what you're thinkin', you're thinkin' about voting for me," he says before revealing that he is actually a conservative. 

Watch the full video here.