'Larry Was Savvy About the Business'

2012-43 BIZ I Dream of Jeannie H

Larry Hagman played an astronaut and master to Barbara Eden’s 2,000-year-old genie in a bottle in the NBC sitcom that ran from 1965-70.

Hagman not only played a ruthless oil mogul on TV, he also taught "I Dream of Jeannie" co-star Barbara Eden some fiscal basics.

Larry was one of the most intelligent actors I ever worked with. He more than hit his marks. And when you're working with another actor, you know immediately if the ball isn't tossed back. Plus, Larry was savvy about the business, which I wasn't. The first week on Jeannie, he asked me if I was keeping track of my hours, and I wasn't. Three years later, he came in with this huge overtime check. I told him I hadn't gotten one. He asked me if I submitted my hours, and I said I didn't know you had to ask. And when I did, it took lawyers and SAG many months to compute it. Larry just laughed. He knew about the squeaky wheel getting attention in this business." -- Barbara Eden