Larry Wilmore Mocks Rachel Dolezal: "Crazypants White Lady"

Comedy Central

"She's not just white, she's Laura Linney white."

Larry Wilmore dedicated a portion of The Nightly Show on Monday to Rachel Dolezal, the white former president of the NAACP Spokane chapter who has, for years, presented herself as black.

Referring to Dolezal as "the woman who guides me on my ebony journey," Wilmore mocked Dolezal's claims that she considers herself black. "It is her opinion that she is black," says Wilmore. "Much like climate change denial, this is not based on science. Sorry lady, you are white, you don't get an opinion on this. This is not a BuzzFeed quiz — 'Which Living Single character are you?'"

Wilmore also displayed a split screen of actress Laura Linney and a young Dolezal, proclaiming, "She's not just white, she's Laura Linney white."

He adds, "There must be something good that's come out of this, I mean — shouldn't even fake black lives matter?"