Larry Wilmore Takes on Ben Affleck's Slave-Owning Ancestor Controversy With Embarrassed Ghost

Nightly Show Larry WIlmore - H 2015

Nightly Show Larry WIlmore - H 2015

The 'Nightly Show' host also joked that, after this latest scoop from the Sony hack, Kim Jong Un "could end up winning the Pulitzer Prize."

Larry Wilmore's The Nightly Show took on another hot Hollywood controversy on Monday night.

The Comedy Central late-night program tackled the recent revelation that Ben Affleck kept PBS' Finding Your Roots from disclosing that one of his ancestors owned slaves.

In a segment of the show called "Ben Affleck's Ancestors May Have Owned Mine," complete with a creepy graphic and bizarre "yeah, yeah" audio, Wilmore jokingly commented on the story, as told through a CBS news report about the incident.

The cover-up came to light via hacked emails from Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton, who was asked for advice on the issue by Finding Your Roots host Henry Louis Gates Jr. When Lynton expressed concern over the possibility of the fact that a change was made getting out, Wilmore joked: "I mean, how could it get out, guys? It's on Sony's secure email server. That thing is airtight! They got the Norton AntiVirus, they got the McAfee, they got the whole shebang. That thing is an Internet vault."

Wilmore went on to call the revelation "another news scoop from star journalist Kim Jong Un."

"With so many news organizations cutting budgets, thank God Kim Jong Un is committed to getting the truth out. Hell, he could end up winning the Pulitzer Prize," added Wilmore. "It definitely seems, at this point, Kim Jong Un is more a champion of the First Amendment than Ben Affleck."

The segment, which led into a panel discussion on the controversy (and the evening's other big story: ESPN reporter Britt McHenry's on-camera tirade at a parking-garage attendant), ended with a particularly zany bit in which Wilmore brought out the ghost of Affleck's ancestor, who claimed to be more embarrassed of his descendant's film flops than Affleck is of him.

"I've stood by Benjamin, even though he's done things I'm wildly ashamed of," claimed Cassius Beauchamp Affleck VI, taking shots at Gigli and Reindeer Games.

"He can't act like I never existed," said the elder Affleck before floating away. "He's just not talented enough."

Watch the full segment below.