Larry Wilmore: Texas Pool-Party Cop "Clearly a Maniac" (Video)

Larry Wilmore Swimming While Black - H 2015

Larry Wilmore Swimming While Black - H 2015

Wilmore added commentary on the footage that's gone viral and then explained how "anybody else" would have dealt with the situation.

Jon Stewart wasn't the only Comedy Central late-night host to devote part of his Monday-night show to this weekend's police bust at a Texas pool party.

Larry Wilmore also tackled the news — and the video of the incident, which was posted online and since has gone viral — on The Nightly Show.

Wilmore went through the video, which shows the officer pushing a teenage girl in a swimsuit to the ground and pointing his gun at other teens, and added his commentary on the events.

After the officer pulled out his gun, Wilmore explained: "Officer, I don't know if you've been watching the news this past year, but black people don't like that anymore."

Calling what happened "pretty unbelievable," Wilmore added that the cop pulled out his gun "because clearly he's a maniac," pointing out that even the other cops seemed surprised and were acting like he should calm down.

After playing a clip of the girl who threw the party explaining what caused the cops to show up — specifically that a woman was saying racist things to the kids at the pool party — Wilmore praised the "racist lady" for not using the N-word.

"You're the recipient of The Nightly Show extremely low bar award," he said.

But he went on to say that the "racist lady" is the one the cops should have gone after.

In response to a clip of someone expressing his opinion about what happened, saying the cop was just trying to "get the situation under control, just like anyone else would," Wilmore said: "No, anybody else would be like, 'Calm down, teenagers, while I arrest the crazy racist lady who started this shit.' "