Larry Wilmore's 'Nightly Show' Uses N-Word Twice Without Censoring

Larry Wilmore on Don Lemon - H 2015

Comedy Central's late-night show took on Don Lemon's controversial display of a giant N-word card and marveled at how CNN was able to so quickly obtain that sign.

On Tuesday's Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore took on Don Lemon holding up a giant N-word sign on his CNN program the night before.

After airing the controversial clip from Lemon's show, Wilmore said, "Wow, you went literal race card, Don."

? Man, that's the cost of like 40 seconds of the Iraq war.""]

In addition to airing the clip without censoring Lemon's sign, The Nightly Show kept an image of Lemon holding up his sign on the air as Wilmore continued to discuss it. The Nightly Show host also said the N-word, without censoring it, while he was talking about his amazement that CNN was able to so quickly procure that card.

Still, he revealed the words that really offend him, holding up a card that read "Don Lemon."

Later, Wilmore and Co. imagined how the poor CNN intern tasked with going to the local copy shop to get that sign obtained it.

Awkward stammering and another use of the N-word, without censoring it, follow.

Comedy Central has not yet responded to The Hollywood Reporter's inquiry about The Nightly Show not censoring the N-word.