Lars Von Trier Wants Stellan Skarsgard For Porno Project 'Nymphomaniac'

P34/Zuma Press/Newscom

"Lars called and said 'my next film will be a porno, I want you to play the lead,'" Skarsgard says.

COLOGNE, Germany -- Stellan Skarsgard may soon be baring all for controversial Danish director Lars von Trier. The ever-provocative von Trier, whose Nazi comments at a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival got him a lifetime ban, wants to cast the Thor and Avengers star in his next film: a hardcore porno called Nymphomaniac.

Skarsgard told E! News he would star in the film. "Lars called me and said 'Stellan, my next film will be a porno and I want you to play the lead in it," Skarsgard said.

The film's producers haven't confirmed the casting, but Skarsgard and von Trier have collaborated frequently in the past. The Swedish star got his international breakthrough as the paraplegic who asks his wife to sleep with other men in Breaking the Waves. Skarsgard has also appeared in Dancer in the Dark, Dogville and von Trier's most recent feature, Melancholia.

Speaking in Berlin this weekend, von Trier described Nymphomaniac as an explicit exploration of female sexuality from ages 0 to 50.

Nymphomaniac – I'm writing, and I'm having such a great time,” he said. “I'm talking to all the ladies I knew when I was young, who are now 50 and 60, and if you take a woman of 50 or 60 who has been sexually active, they will talk for hours. And this is fantastic, it's a pleasure and I smile all the way, and that's why I want to extend the research time. You have no idea how dirty the female mind is!”