Lars Von Trier's Director's Cut of 'Nymphomaniac' to Premiere at Berlin Fest


The hard-core cut of volume one of the erotic epic will screen for the first time at the Berlinale in February.

BERLIN -- Lars von Trier's hard-core director's cut for Nymphomaniac won't be going to Cannes but will instead premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February.

Berlin confirmed Friday that the director's cut of volume one of the two-part Nymphomaniac will screen out of competition.

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Nymphomaniac stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, and numerous other international stars are part of the Nymphomaniac ensemble: Stellan Skarsgard, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Jean-Marc Barr, Udo Kier and many others. And British actress Stacy Martin celebrates her big-screen debut.

"Berlinale audiences will be the first to see the long uncut version of Nymphomaniac Volume I," said Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick. "Lars von Trier, a guest of the Berlinale for the first time in 1984, returns to the festival with this film. The aesthetic he has created in Nymphomaniac is impressive and radical."

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Von Trier's original cut of the two-part Nymphomaniac was 5 1/2 hours long, but the theatrical version was trimmed to two volumes coming in at a total of 4 1/2 hours. The two shorter versions of the Nymphomaniac films will premiere in Denmark on Christmas Day before spooling out across Europe and the rest of the world. Magnolia Pictures will bow the two films separately, first as a VOD premiere and then on a limited theatrical release, in March and April next year.

In addition to being longer, von Trier's director's cut of Nymphomaniac is even more explicit in its tale of the erotic life story of self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe (Gainsbourg).

Since only Volume I of Nymphomaniac will screen in Berlin, it leaves the door open for Cannes to perhaps screen the second half or to show both volumes together in one marathon outing -- though by then the films will have been screened theatrically in several territories.