L.A.'s Most Instagrammed Wall Inspired a Flamingo Pink Collection

Paul Smith John Tierney Melrose Pink Event - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of Paul Smith

The color of Paul Smith's iconic Melrose storefront served as the inspiration for the designer's newest capsule.

There's no way Paul Smith could have known that, 11 years after he chose the specific shade of pink for his Melrose flagship store — which was inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragan's daringly bright facades — the shop's exterior would become one of the most sought-after Instagram backdrops in all of Los Angeles.

To understand the full breadth of its popularity, all one needs to do is search #PaulSmithLA to find hundreds of photos (from this week alone) of 20-somethings standing/jumping/gazing casually off to the side (seriously though, what are they looking at?) while poised in front of the The Pink Wall.

Naturally, the British designer decided to capitalize on his storefront's popularity by creating the #MelrosePink collection, which is inspired by the flamingo pink hue. On Oct. 6, the designer released a line of tees and trunks featuring images of the storefront painted by John Tierney (the store also will exhibit works by the painter through Nov. 7). Other items in the collection include socks and scarves, all of which are sold exclusively at the L.A. store.

The recipe for the ultimate meta Instagram moment? Wearing the tee while posing for a 'gram photo. It'll get all the likes, we promise.