'Last F—kable Day': Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Schumer Mock Hollywood Ageism

Tina Fey and Patricia Arquette are also onboard in a faux celebration of the last day the media deems Louis-Dreyfus sexually desirable.

Amy Schumer brought out the big guns to mock how differently actresses and actors are treated as they age.

In a sketch for Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian stumbled across a picnic where Patricia Arquette and Tina Fey were helping Julia Louis-Dreyfus celebrate her "last
f—kable day."

"In every actresses life, the media decides when you finally reach the point that you're not believably f—kable anymore," Louis-Dreyfus explains.

Signs that this day has come:

—You get offered a romantic comedy with Jack Nicholson "where you're competing with another woman to f—k him."

—You have an audition for Mrs. Claus.

—You're told you're "too old to play Larry King's wife."

Do men have such a day? No way, says Fey.

"They could be 100 and nothing but white spiders coming out, but they're f—kable," says Fey.

Schumer also unleashed a Friday Night Lights parody blasting rape culture as part of the season three premiere.

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