'The Last Man on Earth's' Kristen Schaal Does Her Best Hillary Clinton Impersonation

Courtesy of FOX
Kristen Schaal on 'The Last Man on Earth.'

As Will Forte's Phil and Kristen Schaal's Carol take up residence in the White House in the second season of Fox's dystopian comedy, Clinton's iconic pantsuit gets a special shout out.

The Last Man on Earth returns on Fox this Sunday, and for its second season, we find Phil (played by Will Forte) and Carol (Kristen Schaal) leaving Tucson for Washington, D.C., where they set up their new home at the abandoned White House.

While rummaging around the Lincoln Bedroom, Carol takes the opportunity to try on some discards from previous First Ladies, quite a step up from her usual vintage and homemade "normcore with lots of bedazzling" garb, says the show's costume designer Beth Morgan.

Among her many First-Lady looks: A Hillary Clinton pantsuit.

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"When you think of Hilary Clinton, there’s no way you think of her in a gown," Morgan says. "It had to be the pantsuit, but we did a ‘90s pantsuit." Rather than Hilary’s saturated corals and blues of today, the deep violet color is a throwback to the then-popular dark maroons and purples and it’s modeled on styles from the label St. John that the First Lady favored then.

Carol also dons a yellow Dolly Madison dress and a pink Eleanor Roosevelt gown modeled on the museum’s originals from the Smithsonian’s collection of inaugural ball attire, which is where Morgan started her research to create the looks. A blue suit with pillbox hat and an arm-baring yellow sheath perfectly typify Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama, respectively.

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For the uptight character Carol, who easily relates to the more conservative Madison and Roosevelt styles at first, donning the Hillary Clinton purple pantsuit perhaps signals a subtle shift of her character, says Morgan. "She has a little more freedom in her personality and I don’t know if she would have allowed herself that before."

Check out an exclusive clip from the season two premiere below. 


Jackie Kennedy's famous pill box hat and coat combination.

An ode to Michelle Obama.