'About Last Night' Cast Dish on Dating Flubs at L.A. Premiere

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish

Onscreen couple Kevin Hart and Regina Hall shared their biggest relationship missteps, while John Legend offered his top pieces of advice while on the red carpet.

So about last night…which became a night of laughter about relationships' imperfect moments, as the stars of About Last Night walked the red carpet at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

A remake of the '80s romantic comedy, the film follows the ups and downs of two couples from the bar to the bedroom. Comedian Kevin Hart shared a dating experience of his own that he thought was a success -- until the very end. "There was a date that went very well, and the girl went to kiss me then I sneezed in her face," Hart told The Hollywood Reporter. "That was embarrassing!"

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Regina Hall, who plays Hart’s love interest in the film, said she tried to dodge the smooch at the end of her recent date. "I knew the guy was going to try to go for a kiss, and you try to get out of it without hurting their ego," said Hall. "You go with the lean."

Bryan Callen, who also had a role in Ride Along with Hart, said one of his biggest dating wake-up calls in dating was when a girl made a movie based on him that didn’t necessarily represent him in the most positive light.

"The guy in the movie was the biggest prick on the planet," said Callen. "He was terrible, and I realized, as a young man, I just didn’t understand women. I called her up and said I’m so sorry I was such a jerk, and she was like, 'No you were great, you just didn’t understand.'"

Almost Human’s Michael Ealy, Parenthood’s Joy Bryant and NFL star Terrell Owens also appear in the film and were on hand for the premiere. John Legend, whose song "A Million" is featured on the film’s soundtrack, shared some dating advice with THR: "You have to know what your partner likes, know how to make them happy and just be kind and be thoughtful and be considerate and be attentive," he said. “Try to have some fun too."

Director Steve Pink expressed that although working with Hart means a ton of pranks and humorous improvisations, no one should be fooled about his work ethic. "He makes it look easy but he is so prepared," said Pink. "He is running lines from the moment he steps out of his car, all the way through makeup and on to the set. He knows his character and he knows where he is in the story so he’s extremely methodical, even though he makes it seem like he’s just having fun."

So what does Hart have prepared for Valentines Day? "I’ll probably dance with my lady," said Hart. "Let the goose loose, you know. That’s what I call it, the goose, cause it bites you. We’ll just pretty much have a good day."

About Last Night opens in theaters on Feb. 14.