'Last Week Tonight' Promo: John Oliver Responds to Critics Like Donald Trump, Cher

John_oliver_S03_Promo - H 2016
Courtesy of HBO

John_oliver_S03_Promo - H 2016

"I want to push back on [Trump calling it 'boring'], but I have been bored by this show."

John Oliver returns with a third season of Last Week Tonight on Feb. 14 and in his new promo he responds to critics of the weekly news show, which he jokes is returning "despite popular demand."

A revolving Oliver sits behind a white glass desk as an announcer reads quotes from his critics that pop up around him. "The Wall Street Journal says it 'makes people dumb,'" the announcer says. "Donald Trump calls it 'very boring.'"

"i want to push back on that but I have been bored by this show," Oliver chimes in. The announcer goes on to read critiques from the former FIFA vice president as well as the Ecuadorian president. When the announcer gets to a Cher criticism, though, Oliver is intrigued.

“Cher said that? Cher said that,” said Oliver. “The Cher? We’re talking about the actual Cher?"

Watch the insults stream in below.