to launch as radio station

Multicast on CBS HD channels in four markets

DENVER -- CBS Interactive Group is turning the music service into a broadcast radio station. Starting Oct. 5, the station will be multicast on CBS's high-definition radio channels in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco -- as well as streamed on CBS Radio's Web site -- as a programmed channel.'s user-generated weekly charts will inform the playlist, with live performances and interviews mixed throughout. The top-played songs on the digital music service are compiled into weekly charts, which are also influenced by songs that show the greatest gains in the week as well.

Radio personality Sat Bisla will host the station's flagship program " Discovers," featuring popular music and artist interviews. Seth Neiman, digital content manager for CBS Interactive, will serve as program director.

CBS Interactive Music Group president David Goodman said the company hopes the channel will attract new users to the HD Radio format.