'Late Late Show' Co-Producers, 'Trainspotting' Author Irvine Welsh Creating '80s Dance Music TV Series

Credit: Getty / Mike Marsland
Irvine Welsh

'Ibiza87,' backed by Sony, will chronicle the rise of the acid house music scene in the late '80s, with DJs including Paul Oakenfold attached.

With the Trainspotting sequel finally having hit cinema screens (some 21 years after the first film), the author of the book that inspired the original movie, Irvine Welsh, is now turning his attention in another, music-fueled direction. 

The Scotsman has teamed with growing U.K. banner Fulwell73, co-producers of The Late Late Show (hosted by their new official partner James Corden) to write Ibiza87, which will chronicle the dance music and acid house explosion that took place in the late '80s. 

The series, backed by Sony Pictures International, is being co-written by Welsh and regular collaborator Dean Cavanagh, a former music promoter and journalist, and is loosely based on the exploits of DJs Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway, all of whom are attached.

The trio, three friends from London, unexpectedly sparked an EDM revolution, introducing the world to acid house and Balearic beats and helping transform the Spanish island of Ibiza into a major clubbing destination after their first visit 30 years ago.

Ibiza87 is described as "like the missing link between 24 Hour Party People and Straight Outta Compton" and will follow the drug-fuelled excesses and the untold riches, through to the rivalries, violence and arrests. 

"The house music scene and most importantly, the friendships made, the adventures had and crazy tales swapped, have been a pivotal part of our lives over the years," said Welsh. "Those beats, pills and travels (whether to the other side of the world or across the town) shaped a generation, and the opportunity to construct a drama within this backdrop is a dream come true."

Fulwell's Leo Pearlman described the story as of a "youth culture movement that swept a nation and eventually the world," adding that the aim was "to make anyone who lived it look back with misty eyes and anyone who missed it wish they’d been along for the ride."

Pearlman will produce Ibiza87 for Fulwell 73, while Josephine Rose exec produces for Sony Pictures International.