Late-Night Hosts Criticize "Trumpcare" Senate Bill

"They’re calling the plan 'Bettercare,' as in, 'Just imagine how much better this plan would be if the people who wrote it cared,'" said Jimmy Kimmel.

On Thursday Republican senators released their version of "Trumpcare," a health care bill they drafted to replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. By Thursday evening, the late-night hosts were ready to fight back against the bill with their criticisms, making it clear how they felt about the controversial proposed legislation.

On Comedy Central's Daily Show, Trevor Noah said GOP senators were being so secretive about the health care bill up until they revealed it, "It almost felt like Apple launching a new iPhone."

He called out Republicans for turning health care into a tax cut for the wealthy. “Republicans went into a room saying, ‘Let’s fix health care,’ and then they came out like, ‘All right, so we’ve cut Americans’ health care so that we can give people tax cuts. Yeah — that was the point of this, right?’"

"No, it’s not the point," countered Noah. "That’s like a fireman running into a burning building and saving the fire instead of the baby.”

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel said since the GOP bill includes "a big tax cut for rich people" it's not great news for most people unless you just got drafted to the NBA. "They’re calling the plan 'Bettercare,' as in, ‘Just imagine how much better this plan would be if the people who wrote it cared.'"

He did a segment where he sat down with children to talk about health care. "What if somebody who is poor is sick. Should people who have money help them to get better?" Kimmel asked a group of young children. "Of course," replied one child. Another started talking about his fear of shots.

In a separate conversation, one little boy said he wants to be a "Trump guy" when he grows up. The child informed Kimmel he has $100,000 that he keeps in space. Kimmel followed up by asking the kids what they would do if he were on a plane and was thirsty and needed water. If the three children each had a bottle of water, would they share it? The two little girls quickly said yes they would, while the little boy explained that if the girls shared their water already he might not even need to share his. 

"You are going to be President Trump," said Kimmel.

"Somehow the Senate made the House bill even worse," said Seth Meyers on NBC's Late Night, in his closer look segment about the draft of the bill.

Meyers talked about how there were many people left out of the process and didn't know what was in the bill until the draft was revealed on Thursday. "Because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was basically writing it by himself behind closed doors and nobody's ever doing anything good behind closed doors," Meyers said, adding it's like assuming a teenage boy is locked in his room for a long time because he's working on extra homework.

Meyers criticized McConnell for earlier in the week refusing to promise that there will be at least 10 hours for senators to debate and amend the bill. Meyers said it should take more time to debate health care than it does to binge-watch a season of Empire. He then played a supercut of McConnell complaining about Democrats trying to rush Obamacare and doing it secretly, even though there were many more hearings and Republican involvement when the Affordable Care Act was being debated. Meyers calls the Senate's Trumpcare draft a "breathtakingly cruel bill."

"The bill is so bad, President Trump said, ‘Does anyone have any questions for me about Russia? Alternatively, I could show you my tax returns. Do you guys want to see that?’" joked Meyers in his opening monologue.

Earlier on NBC's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon joked that the nickname for the new Senate bill was "The Big Sick," referencing Kumail Nanjiani's new romantic comedy film of the same name.

"The Senate health care bill came out today, and I saw that it would cut a tax on indoor tanning," said Fallon. "Which is the biggest proof so far that Trump was actually working on the bill."