Late-Night Hosts Commend Congress, Trump for Bipartisan Response to Alexandria Shooting

"It was great to see people from both sides seeing this and uniting under the banner of human and American before anything else," Trevor Noah told Stephen Colbert on the latter's 'Late Show.'

Late-night hosts Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers all praised Congress for the bipartisan response to the shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria on Wednesday.

Noah was a guest on Colbert's Late Show, and the two spoke about being heartened by Republicans and Democrats coming together in the wake of the shooting. "It was great to see people from both sides seeing this and uniting under the banner of human and American before anything else," said Noah, adding that he feels like Americans are seeing less of that in society lately.

"I think that's something that's lacking in American politics is politicians showing from both sides of the aisle that they are friends," said Noah. "It's almost become like wrestling where the fans don't realize that those people get along."

He said that he appreciated seeing Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi talking about how they fight tooth and nail every day but they are still friends, families and colleagues. Noah would like to hear conversations like that more often. "And I feel like they could do a better job of saying that to Americans, going like, 'Hey, we fight. You can fight, but don't forget at your core you are Americans. Don't ever forget that.'"

Colbert first spoke about the incident when opening his show.

"Once again, we're all shocked in mind and soul by a mass shooting, this time targeting, apparently, Republican congressmen, and I pray to God that everyone pulls through," said Colbert. "Violence of any kind is never justified and is the last refuge of the incompetent."

The Late Show host said he's thankful that nobody was killed Wednesday and he said he takes heart in the bipartisan responses of the day, playing Pelosi and Ryan's comments and then sincerely thanking Congress and the president.

"I just want to say thank you to the congressional leadership and to the president for responding to this act of terror in a way that gives us hope that whatever our differences, we will always be the United States of America," said Colbert. "Thank you for that."

Trevor Noah reiterated his thoughts on his own show, talking about members of Congress being "united as human beings" and playing clips of multiple members speaking about unity.

"Now, I won't lie. For me, watching all of those Congress people speak like that, it really made me hopeful, and I'm glad that they found what felt like the right way to respond," Noah said. "So, kudos to all of them."

If you want to know how not to respond, added Noah look to Newt Gingrich who blamed the shooting on "an increasing intensity of hostility on the left." Gingrich was asked if this wasn't the time to be united and rise above partisanship and he replied, "No."

"Look at his face," said Noah. "He was like, 'I didn't come to Fox News to get held to any moral standards. Come on!'"

Seth Meyers addressed the shooting by saying he has a lot of fun on his show at Congress' expense and it's only fair they have fun too, which is what they do at the annual baseball game.

"I don't often say this here on our show, but I will be pulling for the GOP so, good luck to all of you," said Meyers, referring to the game that will go on as scheduled Thursday.

He then turned to humor. "Also, I cannot believe that, based on how members of Congress look, that they play baseball instead of softball. I am absolutely stunned by that piece of news," he said. "I was sure that Congress was a chamber of softball bodies."