Late-Night Hosts Criticize Trump’s "Pocahontas" Jab During Native American Ceremony

Both Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah suggested Native American nicknames for Trump, whereas Seth Meyers pinched his nose in embarrassment.

After Donald Trump referred to Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” during Monday’s event honoring Native American code talkers who served in World War II, late-night hosts addressed the controversial statement, describing the moment as “embarrassing.”

"We have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas. But you know what, I like you,” Trump told the war veterans during the ceremony.

“I know your first instinct is to be disgusted,” The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah told his viewers. “But we have to give credit to the president, because at least he did the right racism. He could have easily mixed up his ‘Indians.'”

Noah also pointed out that it was “worse” that a portrait of Andrew Jackson was hanging behind the president and Native Americans. “That’s like inviting the American flag over to your house and having a picture of Colin Kaepernick on the wall,” Noah said.

The Comedy Central host also suggested that the Native Americans provide the president with an indigenous nickname, “Dances With Putin.”

Meanwhile, at The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon shared the same sentiments as Noah, dubbing the moment “embarrassing" and suggesting a Native American nickname for Trump.

“The veterans called Trump by his Native American name, ‘Tweets With Small Hands,'” Fallon joked.  

Later on NBC's Late Night, Seth Meyers didn't have the words for Trump's remark so he introduced a new segment for his physical reaction. "This brings us to a new segment entitled 'Eight Seconds of Seth Pinching the Bridge of his Nose,'" Meyers said before visibly pinching his nose for eight seconds.

The president has received backlash over his controversial comment, with Native American leaders calling Trump’s reference to Warren offensive and distasteful. Warren also spoke out after the event in an interview on MSNBC, saying the attack was “deeply unfortunate” and an inappropriate “racial slur.”

"This was supposed to be an event to honor heroes, people who put it all on the line for our country, who, because of their incredible work, saved the lives of countless Americans and our allies," Warren said. "It is deeply unfortunate that the President of the United States cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur."

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said making a racist slur “was certainly not the president’s intent.”