Late-Night Hosts Dissect Trump's Trip to Asia

Colbert - H - 2017

"Our president successfully completed the rigors of a fourth-grade field trip."

Donald Trump wrapped up his 12-day trip to Asia on Tuesday and late-night hosts across the dial were ready to offer their take on the president's journey abroad.

"People of Asia are celebrating the departure of Donald Trump," Daily Show host Trevor Noah said on his Comedy Central show.

Speaking on Trump's meeting with controversial Philippines' president Rodrigo Duterte, during which Duterte serenaded Trump, Noah said, "That's how you know Duterte's a stone-cold killer, because obviously no one has ever told him he shouldn't sing. Well, there was probably one guy, but he ran himself over with a truck."

Over on NBC's Late Night, host Seth Meyers also examined Trump's trip during his "Closer Look" segment. Meyers, referencing a conversation Trump had with a reporter in which he spoke of the physical demands of the trip, said, "Trump flew to Asia on the most comfortable jet in the world and he talks about it like he's a contestant on Naked and Afraid."

Stephen Colbert poked fun at the president's trip to Beijing's Forbidden City on Tuesday's Late Show, saying, "Our president successfully completed the rigors of a fourth-grade field trip. He did so well that General Kelly gave him 20 minutes of iPad time on the way home."