Late-Night Hosts Mock Trump for Reportedly Sharing Classified Information With Russian Officials

Courtesy of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Washington Post scoop, which broke Monday evening, found its way into a few jokes on 'The Daily Show,' 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' and 'Late Night With Seth Meyers.'

The Washington Post's Monday evening scoop that President Trump shared classified information with Russian officials broke shortly before many late-night shows began taping their Monday editions.

But Comedy Central's The Daily Show, CBS' Late Show With Stephen Colbert and NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers all found a way to make a few jokes about the late-breaking development.

The Daily Show devoted the most time to the report, with host Trevor Noah saying the news disproved his assumption last week, after Trump fired FBI director James Comey, that things couldn't get worse.

"We were wrong," he said before cutting to CNN's report recapping The Post's story.

"I knew it! I knew something was up when I saw President Trump with the Russians and they were smiling," Noah went on. "There's only two times a Russian man smiles, the day he dies and this. I mean, once again, this sounds like a story we would invent: Trump invites the Russians into the Oval Office and then in his meeting starts bragging, [reading from The Post story] 'I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day.' And then proceeds to give them intel."

Noah further went after Trump, claiming the president "probably doesn't even know what 'intel' is short for."

"My intelevision is the best," Noah said, impersonating Trump. "It gets the highest ratings. Best ratings of all."

The host continued to poke fun at how supposedly willing Trump is to share sensitive information.

"At least now we know there's no aliens because if there were, Donald Trump would have told us by now. He would have leaked it immediately," Noah said, before switching back to his Trump impression. "ET used my Samsung to phone home. He did it, folks."

In conclusion, Noah said, "The good news is Trump listens during intel briefings, and the bad news is Trump listens during intel briefings."

Late Show host Stephen Colbert also had a "good news," "bad news" take on The Post's story. The "bad news," as far as Colbert was concerned, is the information in The Post's story.

The good news for the president who has condemned leaks from his White House is, as Colbert put it, "Trump found the leaker."

Colbert recapped part of The Post's story, in which Trump supposedly went "off-script" and "began describing details about an Islamic State terrorist threat."

The host quipped, "That is unbelievable! Trump has a script?"

Colbert went on to joke about how the information Trump shared supposedly included "code words" like "The package has been delivered. The squirrel is in the basket. The idiot is in the oval."

He then teased that his show would likely have much more on the Post report tomorrow.

Over on NBC's Late Night, Seth Meyers squeezed a joke about the Post report into the top of his monologue and later wove it into his "Closer Look" segment.

In the monologue, Trump was once again the target of Meyers' joke.

"You have to be kidding me? How can you let highly classified information fall into the hands of Donald Trump," he said.

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