Late-Night Hosts Mock Trump's "I.Q. Challenge" to Rex Tillerson

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Kimmel suggested a televised pay-per-view, whereas Colbert revealed test scores from the president and secretary of state.

After President Donald Trump reportedly challenged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to "compare IQ scores" as part of the ongoing controversy over Tillerson allegedly calling him a "moron," late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and Seth Meyers took time during their Tuesday night opening monologues to mock the president's latest salvo.  

In a Forbes magazine interview published Tuesday (Oct. 10), Trump once again called the "moron" story "fake news." But he said that if the allegation was true, then he and Tillerson should compare IQ scores, suggesting that he would have the higher score.

"I think it's fake news, but if he did that, I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests," the president said. "And I can tell you who is going to win." The White House later commented on the statement, claiming the president was joking. 

Kimmel was quick to debunk Trump's argument that he would win.

"No intelligent person would get into an IQ contest with his own secretary of state. Just that rules you out right there," Kimmel joked.

Failing to believe the president could succeed over Tillerson, Kimmel compared Trump's intelligence to that of a child.

"I'm not sure if Donald Trump could finish the maze on the back of a Denny's kids' menu," Kimmel said.

Despite having his doubts, the late-night host assured viewers that nonetheless he would pay $100 to see a "pay-per-view" battle between Trump and Tillerson.

"I guarantee the next day, Kellyanne Conway would be saying that it's like golf: The lower the number, the better the score," Kimmel quipped.

To support Trump's "smart" claims, Kimmel proceeded to show a montage of clips of the president explaining what a "smart person" he is. "Also, one of the most humble people in the world," Kimmel joked.

Commenting on the president's statement, Colbert took a different approach and attempted to evaluate Trump and Tillerson's test scores, revealing fake results for each of them.

Tillerson was shown to have a score of 120, with Colbert saying, "It's above average. Not genius, but still pretty good."

When revealing Trump's score, Colbert presented what looked like a child's drawing. "It's a drawing of a big truck that says 'MAGA,' and there's Trump right there saying, 'Honk honk.'"

To the left of the truck is a drawing of Tillerson, labeled "Rex Smellerson." "It's a toss-up, we're not really sure," Colbert said on who would be pronounced the winner. 

Fallon also decided to share mock test results between Trump and Tillerson.

In a mock IQ test, both Trump and Tillerson answered a question that asks, "Kevin is six time zones behind Diane. If it's 9 a.m. for Diane, then for Kevin it's ___"

Tillerson is shown to answer "3 a.m.," whereas Trump answered, "Time to tweet."

In another question, Tillerson and Trump are asked how many miles a bus has gone if it traveled 10 miles per hour for 3 hours.

Tillerson responded "30 miles," whereas Trump answered "Gross, who rides a bus? Oh wait, I do. Access Hollywood. #LockerRoomTalk." In the final question, Fallon read, "If Jill gets 45 votes for class president and Jack gets 35 votes, who wins?"

Fallon then reads Tillerson's answer to be Jill and Trump's as, "Depends, who did Russia vote for?"

Meanwhile Corden mocked the challenge, but emphasized on how telling the president's statement is regarding the camaraderie existing within the White House.

"When a grown man challenges another grown man to a head-to-head IQ test, we don't really need to see that IQ test. They're both idiots," the Late Late Show host said.

"The president is supposed to be proud of having people around who are smarter than he is. It doesn't inspire confidence if the president is like, 'Geez, I gotta tell you. My cabinet, a bunch of dumbasses,'" Corden explained. 

During his opening monologue, Meyers took a jab at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' defense that the IQ comment was a "joke" and told reporters they "should get a sense of humor."

"They should get a sense of humor?" Meyers said, addressing Sanders. "You're the one who always looks like she just found a joint in her son's Bible."