Late-Night Hosts Pick Apart Jeff Sessions' Testimony (and Accent)

Kate McKinnon impersonated Sessions for Seth Meyers while on 'Late Night.'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday, and late-night hosts had plenty to say about it. 

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert called out Sessions for saying today he "doesn't recall" if former national security adviser Michael Flynn had contact with Russian officials.

"Wait a second, everybody knows there was communication between Russia and Michael Flynn, that's why he was fired," Colbert says, adding, "Sessions really seems to know nothing, which explains why he was the first senator to endorse Trump."

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah also poked fun at Sessions, and in particular the attorney general's statement that he recused himself from the ongoing Russia investigation, but did not recuse himself from defending his "honor against scurrilous and false allegations."

"A part of me does think that Jeff Sessions uses that line all the time though. 'I recuse myself from the Russia investigation, but I will not recuse myself from these nachos.' " 

Late Night's Seth Meyers also joked about Sessions' "scurrilous" comment, saying, "That's right, Sessions is defending his honor from scurrilous innuendo, and there's nothing more Southern than scurrilous innuendo."

In a separate clip, next to an image of a tiny Sessions in the pocket of Russian president Vladimir Putin, the Late Night host also joked, "I'm not saying it proves he was in the pocket of the Russians, but he does fit in there."

Guest Kate McKinnon kept Meyers in stitches when she pulled out her Sessions impression. McKinnon's Sessions said he hadn't really heard James Comey ask him to keep Trump away from him. "This guy was about 6'8" I had heard a sound above my head, I had thought it was a cicada," said McKinnon as Sessions. She sneezed multiple times and then said, "Recuse me."

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel said Sessions has "a bit of a tell" when he's "not being entirely truthful."

"We learned about all of the the things he can't recall, and there were many," said Kimmel. As for his tell, Kimmel joked it was subtle and then played footage of Sessions testifying. Kimmel's team doctored the footage to have Sessions' ears grow bigger on the side of his head as he spoke.

In order to add further excitement to Sessions' testimony, Kimmel paired audio from his testimony with a Looney Tunes cartoon.

"The result is testimony the whole family can enjoy," said Kimmel.

On CBS' Late Late Show, James Corden said it's tough to keep track of who is testifying about the Russia investigation so he said he had an image of Jeff Sessions to remind people who he is. An image of the baby in Boss Baby came on the screen, then the Keebler Elf, then a headshot of Sessions, then a potato flashed on screen as Corden tried to get it right. He named the potato as an accurate depiction of Sessions.

He criticized Sessions for repeatedly saying he can't remember events. "That's just what you want from an attorney general, short-term memory loss," said Corden.

On NBC's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon joked that Sessions was asked to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and replied with, "da," or Russian for "yes." He said that when Sessions said he couldn't recall having any conversation with Russian officials at the Mayflower hotel, John McCain interrupted to talk about being on the actual Mayflower.