Late Night Hosts React to Elizabeth Warren Ending Presidential Run, Question Who She Will Endorse

Seth Meyers - Stephen Colbert - Jimmy Kimmel - Split - H 2020
Courtesy of NBC; CBS; ABC

"Warren was incredibly competent, pragmatic, intelligent and well-spoken. In other words, she never had a chance," said Seth Meyers.

Late-night hosts reacted to Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the Democratic presidential race during their shows on Thursday.

Warren made the announcement after failing to win a single Super Tuesday state. Throughout her campaign, she received strong poll numbers, impressive fundraising and a sprawling political infrastructure that featured staffers on the ground across the country. Once voting began in February, Warren never found a reliable base of supporters as Democrats rallied around Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Seth Meyers discussed Warren's decision to drop out of the race on Late Night.

"Warren was incredibly competent, pragmatic, intelligent and well-spoken," he said. "In other words, she never had a chance."

He added, "It kind of feels like when your favorite teacher retires. You're sad to see her go, but also happy for her because she doesn't have to deal with your annoying classmates anymore." A photo of Donald Trump, Sanders, Biden and Tulsi Gabbard then appeared onscreen.

Stephen Colbert opened The Late Show by sharing "sad news for fans of competence."

"Another candidate has dropped out of the Democratic race and we're getting a clear picture of America's future and it looks a lot like America's past," he said.

Colbert said that Warren "made the classic campaign mistake of being able to finish a coherent sentence and not having a penis." He added that Warren being out of the race "is further proof that America cannot have nice things."

The host noted that Warren had plans for everything including healthcare, immigration and student loans. "And her most popular plan of all: kneecapping Michael Bloomberg with a croquet mallet."

While addressing the press, Warren implied that the election was written in advance with Sanders running as the progressive candidate and Biden acting as the moderate candidate.

"Despite her best effort, that Democratic road still has just two lanes," said Colbert. "And two drivers that should probably have their keys taken away."

Warren also told the press that she wasn't able to answer if sexism was part of the reason she ended her campaign, though she promised to have more to say on the subject later. Colbert responded, "And I'm guessing most of it will be bleeped."

When asked if she planned to endorse Sanders or Biden, Warren said she would "take a deep breath and spend a little time on that." The host added, "Let's all just take a deep breath and hold it until the coronavirus is gone."

Before Warren addressed the press, a reporter camped out on her lawn snapped a photo of her dog sadly looking out the window. "That should have been her campaign slogan all along. ''Vote for Elizabeth Warren or you'll make a dog sad,'" the host suggested.

Over on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the ABC host said that "American voters ultimately decided that she just didn't have what they were looking for in a president, which is a penis."

The host argued that sexism played a major part in the reason Warren dropped out of the race. "Not just direct sexism. There are a lot of people that say, 'Hey, listen. I'm fine voting for a woman. I would love to, but after Hillary I just don't want to risk it,'" said Kimmel. "It's secondhand sexism."

While Warren has not announced who she plans to endorse, Kimmel shared which candidate he thinks she is more likely to support. A clip of Warren talking to reporters then played as a Photoshopped shirtless Sanders appeared in the background.

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon also reacted to the news.

"After a lot of thought and reflection, Warren realized that she was overqualified for the job," he said.

Fallon said that many Democrats were sad to hear that Warren dropped out of the race, "while Mike Bloomberg threw a party and got back in the race."

"Honestly, I can't say I blame Warren for dropping out," he added. "If there were ever a time you want to stop shaking millions of hands, this might be it."

The host then shared that Biden and Sanders are fighting for Warren's endorsement. "Two guys in their late 70s are fighting over a woman," said Fallon. "This doesn't sound like an election. It sounds like an episode of The Golden Girls."

Over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah touched on the issue of sexism in the presidential race.

After playing a news clip of Warren saying that she didn't want to answer if sexism was involved yet, Noah said that she had a point. "A woman addressing sexism, or ignoring it, while running for president is either gonna be seen as a whiner or living on another planet," he said. "Which is unfair, especially since the president is already a whiner who lives on another planet."

Noah also pointed out that the race that began with "a broad tapestry of candidates" is now down to two white men.

"They're so old that no matter which one of them wins, Donald Trump will be the youngest person in the race," he said as photos of Trump, Sanders and Biden appeared onscreen. "There's no other job where these three people would be the top candidates. Like even if they were auditioning for those Life Alert commercials, people would be like, 'We're kind of going for someone healthier.'"

The host concluded the segment by questioning who Warren will endorse. "Is she gonna swipe right or really far left?" he asked.