Late-Night Hosts Respond to Democratic Wins in Tuesday's Elections

Trevor Noah declared the victories a win for "karma," whereas Stephen Colbert blamed Trump's narcissim for the Republican loss.

On Wednesday night's editions of their respective late-night shows, the hosts tackled the Democratic party wins in New Jersey and Virginia the night before.

On The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah declared the victories a big win for "karma" in a section he called "Donkey Punch." The Comedy Central host mocked a campaign video of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie, who lost to Democrat Ralph Northam on Tuesday, running from a lit firework, saying, "You laugh, but that's the most successful run he had all year."

Noah also spoke about Danica Roem, who became the first transgender person elected to the Virginia state legislature on Tuesday. Roem beat 13-term incumbent Robert Marshall. "It was a horrible night for people like Sean Hannity," said Noah, who then showed a timer of how long the Fox News host spent covering the Democratic election wins: roughly five seconds.

Over on Late Night, host Seth Meyers dedicated his "Closer Look" segment to the Democratic victories. "Even before the results came in last night, Democrats were sure they didn't have a chance—which is how you know they actually had a chance. They won, but at least the Democrats were wrong again," Meyers said. "Republicans got beat so bad in the state of Virginia that last night even the statue of Robert E. Lee got chased out of town," the NBC host quipped.

Meanwhile on CBS' The Late Show, Stephen Colbert quipped about the Democratic manner of commemorating the anniversary of Trump's presidential election win in which they kicked "Trump's ass using his arch enemy: the popular vote."

Colbert was quick to mention that in light of the recent Democratic wins, it's telling of the momentum the party has. "Democrats have their swagger back," Colbert said.

Colbert then addressed the contradictory tweet Trump wrote blaming Gillespie for his loss, despite once heavily endorsing the candidate. Trump wrote: "Ed Gillespie worked hard, but did not embrace me or what I stand for."

"Clearly if he worked hard," Colbert retorted. The late-night host then explained how, during the election, Gillespie mirrored Trump's beliefs, even copying the part where Trump "lost the state of Virginia."

"Well, you know what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of 'you lost the state of Virginia,'" Colbert joked, adding, "That's the problem with making everything about you, sir. It means everything, even losing, is about you. That's the downside of narcissism, along with no one really loving you."

Colbert also commented on Roem, mocking Marshall for his loss after having created the "bathroom bill." He said, "Soon there will be one bathroom Bob Marshall can't use: the one in his office.

On the Late Late Show, James Corden ridiculed the president's change of heart after heavily endorsing Gillespie.

"Trump waited a full 28 minutes before he distanced himself," Corden explained, before reading his critical tweet. "He's like the Domino's Pizza of backstabbing," Corden said of Trump.

"There are fewer people on the Trump bus than there are under it," Corden added. Addressing Trump's claim that Gillespie never "embraced" him, Corden jabbed, "The problem is that Trump's father never embraced Donald Trump."

During Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Bee praised Virginia's Democratic wins, asking the state, "Hey, did you lose some dead weight?" She continued, "Virginia really is for lovers, because I want to love all over your beautiful blue map all the way to a messy climax."

While the Frontal host said the wins are worth celebrating, Bee emphasized that they were merely the first step in "fighting important battles" such as gun control.

"As great as these Democratic victories feel, they only matter if we use them to keep fighting the important battles."