Late-Night Hosts Take On Trump’s Turkey Pardons

YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert criticized the "ominous" names of this year’s turkeys, whereas Jimmy Fallon shared a mock fact sheet about Trump that listed his "mating call" and "3-inch handspan."

After the White House held its annual turkey pardon on Tuesday, late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, James Corden and Jimmy Fallon made jokes about President Donald Trump's first time presiding over the holiday tradition.

“Today the president pardoned some turkeys — and not just the white meat,” Colbert immediately joked during his opening monologue on The Late Show.

After revealing that Trump's pardoned turkeys were named Drumstick and Wishbone, Colbert was quick to call the names "ominous." "Those names don’t sound like you’re pardoning them. That’s like naming your fish 'Flushable,' " said Colbert.

The Late Show host then showed a news clip of Trump joking about allowing last year’s turkey pardons, for birds Tater and Tot, to stand, despite his eagerness to overturn executive actions by his predecessor, President Barack Obama. “Because if I could, I would eat Tater and make Tot watch,” Colbert said in a Trump voice before adding, “I’m eating Tater because he talked to Mueller.”

After showing another news clip of Trump petting the turkey and saying, “I feel so good about myself doing this. Are you ready, Drumstick?” Colbert immediately yelled, “Get out of there, Drumstick! Don’t let his wattle fool you. He’s not a turkey!”

Over at The Late Late Show, Corden also commented on Trump’s joke about overturning the pardoning of Obama’s turkeys, saying the turkeys would prefer being killed over meeting Trump. "You know what? Just kill us. Just kill us now," Corden joked, pretending to be the turkeys.

Taking a jab at the president’s feud with LaVar Ball, Corden teased, “The president pardoned two turkeys today and then immediately criticized them on Twitter for not being grateful enough.”

On NBC's Tonight Show, Fallon couldn’t help but joke about The White House’s questionable tweet, featuring a poll of which turkey should be pardoned.

“Leave it to Trump to turn a fun annual tradition into Sophie’s Choice,” Fallon joked. Then, imitating Trump, Fallon said, “Only one can live, and it’ll be on your hands!”

Despite both turkeys being pardoned, Fallon joked that they were each “spotted in the White House Briefing Room” and were “the only ones who got to ask any questions” of the president. "And he goes, 'Stop letting them talk! They’re talking turkeys. They’re very talented,' " said Fallon.

During the pardoning, the White House also tweeted profiles of Wishbone and Drumstick, including naming each of the bird’s favorite bands, strut style and music.

“After they met Trump, the turkeys actually released a profile of him,” Fallon said as he showed a mock profile that described the president as having a handspan of 3 inches, his bird call being, “Tweet, tweet, tweet,” and his mating call being, “Come on, Melania! I know you’re not really asleep.”

Fallon also comically pointed out when MSNBC showed a split screen of Trump speaking and the turkey Drumstick, only to show the turkey’s rear end. Fallon joked, "People were like, 'Get a load of this asshole.' "