Late-Night Hosts Tease Kellyanne Conway for Microwave Wiretapping Comments

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"President Obama, I miss you," Stephen Colbert whispered into the microwave.

The late night hosts were full of jokes about President Trump not being able to come up with evidence to back up his wiretapping allegations against former President Obama. In addition to Trump, a common target of the hosts' jokes was Kellyanne Conway, who told New Jersey's The Record newspaper that there are "many ways" to conduct surveillance now, including "microwaves that turn into cameras."

"It's true," said Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. "How do you think we film this show?" He pointed to one of his cameraman manning a camera-turned-microwave. Colbert laughed at Conway's defense of her remark, telling CNN that she's "not Inspector Gadget." Colbert said Conway only has one move: "Go-go alternative facts!"

Colbert also used the camera microwave to heat up a Hot Pocket, grabbing it and using the opportunity to communicate via the device's alleged surveillance capabilities.

"President Obama, I miss you," Colbert whispered into the microwave. "Actually, can I come in there with you?" he said trying to get himself inside of the microwave.

Seth Meyers talked about Trump's wiretapping allegations on his "Closer Look" segment.

"If Trump had a secret camera in his microwave that must have been a very distressing feed to watch," said Meyers, breaking out his Trump impression. "How long does it take to warm up KFC, Melania?"

He then did an Obama impression, "We're going to put a little secret camera, right there on the back of his microwave. Keep an eye on him."

Trevor Noah said Conway's reaction was "as always, gold."

"To be fair, Kellyanne may have said some crazy shit about microwaves, but look on the bright side: at least she finally learned how to sit on a couch," said Noah, smiling and showing the controversial picture of Conway kneeling on the Oval Office sofa.

Conway was also mentioned in another segment of Noah's when he spoofed the viral video of an expert doing an interview with the BBC and being interrupted by his children. In the spoof, Noah makes Sean Spicer the man trying to work with Trump walking in as the dancing daughter and Ben Carson rolling in as the newborn son. Conway is the Kramer-like mother bursting in to grab the children.




On The Late Late Show, James Corden joked that Conway backed up her microwave claim by saying she watched a "documentary where a clock, a teacup and a candlestick came to life and sang songs." He put up a photo of Beauty and the Beast

Corden also sent out one of his writers to ask people on the street to take photographs of him with a microwave. He even used the microwave on a selfie stick to photograph himself.

Conway has moved beyond spinning, according to Jimmy Kimmel. "She was pirouetting, she was pivoting — I think she did a triple axel at one point," said Kimmel. "She got a perfect score from the Russian judge."

"If Obama did put a camera into a microwave, all he would find out is that Donald Trump doesn't know how to use a microwave," joked Kimmel. 

"I'm not sure if Kellyanne's microwave is watching her but it sounds like she spends a lot of time looking directly into it," said Jimmy Fallon, very briefly touching on the segment in his monologue.