Late-Night TV Hosts Take on Michael Flynn's Resignation, Russia Scandal

Courtesy of Comedy Central

"Seriously, guys, you can't claim that Michael Flynn had the confidence of the president and had to resign because he didn't have the president's confidence," said 'The Daily Show's' Trevor Noah.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned late Monday night, after that day's late-night talk shows had already been taped. But Tuesday, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers still had plenty to say about the former Trump administration official's departure.

On The Late Show, Colbert called Flynn a "dummy, dummy, dummy" for not knowing that calls to the Russian ambassador are taped. After the audience laughed at him pretending to be Flynn and realizing he shouldn't be national security adviser, Colbert quipped, "It's funny because it's treason."

"Donald Trump immediately condemned Michael Flynn and the Russians," said Colbert, waiting a beat before adding, "I'm just kidding." The Late Show host mocked press secretary Sean Spicer for "Spice-splaining" that what Flynn did was supposedly not a legal issue but one of trust. "Say what you will about Sean Spicer, but he is the M.C. Escher of bullshit."

He also offered up Flynn Valentine's Day cards and had guest Christine Baranski perform a skit with him, in which Colbert mocked a congressman who said the reason the GOP was so silent on the Flynn-Russia scandal was because they were all having Valentine's Day breakfast with their wives.

Over on The Daily Show, Noah let out a triumphant "Yes!!" at the news Flynn was resigning. "Donald Trump is finally draining the swamp of the people he brought to the swamp," said Noah, as the show used "Gone With the Flynn" and "Lie Lie Land" for segment graphics.

Noah said Flynn was "stupid" for not knowing that the U.S. routinely taps phone conversations with Russia. "That's the plot of every spy movie, America taps Russia's calls," said the Daily Show host.

Noah also called out House Oversight and Reform committee chairman Jason Chaffetz for saying the situation has "taken care of itself" and refusing to issue a bipartisan investigation. "Chaffetz is like an exterminator who comes in the kitchen, turns the lights on, the roaches run, and he's like 'Well, problem solved.' "

As for Kellyanne Conway's constant spin, Noah compared her to a character from Alice in Wonderland. "Every time she talks I'm like, 'Am I on drugs? Up is down, down is up?' Seriously, guys, you can't claim that Michael Flynn had the confidence of the president and had to resign because he didn't have the president's confidence."


On Late Night, Meyers joked about Flynn holding his job for only 24 days. "I use disposable razors longer than that. He didn't even last as long as a David Blaine stunt," said Meyers, adding that at this rate, Trump is going to open his first State of the Union address by stepping down.

Meyers said it's "really ironic" to watch footage from the 2016 presidential campaign in which Flynn calls for Hillary Clinton to resign from running for president. He played a clip of Flynn saying, "If I did a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today," followed by Flynn participating in a "Lock her up" chant.

Meyers also mocked Trump surrogates Stephen Miller and Conway for their evasive or incorrect statements about Flynn. "Just a reminder that if Kellyanne Conway is ever on TV saying there isn't a tornado coming, get in the basement," he said.

As for how Trump responded to the Flynn controversy, Meyers pointed to Trump's tweet complaining about leaks. "Apparently the problem for him is not that Flynn lied, but that we found out about it," said Meyers.

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