Late-Night Hosts Continue to Criticize Trump for Charlottesville Comments

Seth Meyers called Trump a "lying racist" while Jimmy Kimmel interviewed a Kellyanne Conway puppet.

As backlash to Donald Trump's Tuesday press conference, in which he said there were "very fine people" on both sides of the Charlottesville rally this weekend, late-night hosts on Wednesday again weighed in on the president's comments and the fallout.

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel said that he understands why people are so upset about Trump's reaction to Charlottesville. "The president handled a group of racists with kid gloves," said Kimmel. "I want to encourage you to keep an open mind here, because maybe he did it because kid gloves are the only gloves that fit on his tiny little hands."

Kimmel also interviewed his Kellyanne Conway puppet and as it spoke, he pointed out that it seemed to be reading off of a script of White House talking points.

Conway kept referring to Kimmel as "Jake" and insisted she wasn't reading cue cards, adding that Kimmel was spouting off "fake news." At the end of the interview she tried to promote Art of the Deal and yelled "Hillary is a murderer."

Additionally, Kimmel read mean comments from Trump supporters who were not pleased about Kimmel addressing them on Tuesday's show and asking them to admit they were wrong in voting for Trump, in the wake of how he responded to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. "Jimmy Kimmel reminds me of a demented little kid at a social gathering," said one Facebook user. A Twitter user said Kimmel has "mind numbing retardation" down "pact."

On NBC's Late Night, Seth Meyers didn't hold back on his opinion of Trump, calling him a "lying racist who is desperate for praise."

Meyers didn't buy Trump's excuse for why he took so long to condemn white supremacists after Charlottesville.

"They were holding Confederate flags, Nazi flags, shouting Nazi slogans and using the Hitler salute. It was clear immediately who these people were and why they were there," said Meyers. "But Trump actually tried to claim that he — of all people — had waited because he likes to exercise restraint."

"When I like to make a statement I like to be correct," Trump said Tuesday. Meyers responded: "It's weird, because that statement isn't correct." 

"There are no fine people marching with Nazis and white supremacists," said Meyers. He said that Trump defended the white supremacists as just people protesting that the Robert E. Lee statue was going to be taken down and then he played a clip from the "tiki torch rally" from last Friday. White men marched and chanted, "Jews will not replace us" in the clip, and Meyers pointed and deadpanned, "Statue fans."

In response to Trump saying the white supremacists had a permit to march, Meyers sarcastically said, "The Nazis had a permit? Well fuck me, I'm sorry." He added, "Of course they had a permit — they're Nazis, Nazis' main thing is having your papers."

On CBS' Late Show, Stephen Colbert said that Trump channeled "the Fuhrer" in his "kamikaze press conference." 

"Donald let Donald be Donald, the consequences and our country be damned," he said. "It was truly one for the ages: specifically 1939 to 1945."

Colbert replayed Trump's comments from Monday where he read a script denouncing white supremacists. "You know it was the right thing to say, because he hated saying it," said Colbert.

He addressed Trump directly about his Tuesday press conference, saying, "You showed us who you were. Everywhere in this country, people were horrified — North, South, Republican, Democrat, top, bottom, sweet, sour." Colbert discussed how Democrats would like to hold a hearing on the rise of white supremacy but Republicans in Congress are reportedly resistant.

"They don't need to hold hearings," said Colbert. "If they want to talk to white supremacists, they can just call the White House switchboard."

Jimmy Fallon taped Tuesday's Tonight Show before listening to Trump's press conference, so he addressed it Wednesday for the first time. He joked that Trump went to the Trump Tower lost and found looking for his mind, which he had lost Tuesday afternoon.

"It's crazy. I'm starting to miss the old days, when we were on the verge of nuclear war with North Korea," said Fallon.

Fallon compiled clips of people standing awkwardly next to Trump as he speaks, inspired by a photo of chief of staff John Kelly hunched over, which has since gone viral. He also edited Trump's press conference to have the president say, "Frankly, I didn't know all of the facts about being the president. I want to bring back President Obama."

To top things off, he made a fake commercial for Trump's Charlottesville winery, in which a Trump impersonator brags that the winery only makes white wine.

James Corden's Late Late Show monologue focused on the CEOs who all resigned from Trump's manufacturing council following his Charlottesville remarks, which caused Trump to say he was disbanding the council himself.

"The CEO of the company 3M also resigned, and when Donald Trump asked why, they said that 3M doesn't want to be associated with the three K's," joked Corden.

He addressed the Trump Tower protests in New York City, highlighting the giant Trump rat balloon at the rally. "'We find this to be a disgusting representation and we strongly condemn such an insulting portrayal,' said New York City rats."