Late Night Hosts Mock Trump's Feud With 'Hamilton'

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"The only president that gets to complain about the theater is Abraham Lincoln," said Stephen Colbert, before rapping about the dispute between the president-elect and the Broadway show his running mate Mike Pence attended.

All of the broadcast networks' late-night hosts took Donald Trump to task for starting a Twitter feud with Hamilton after the cast addressed Mike Pence after Friday's show. Stephen Colbert made his own hip-hop musical about Trump's tweets, Jimmy Kimmel dedicated a "Lie Witness News" segment to it, Seth Meyers took a "closer look" at why Trump may be tweeting, Jimmy Fallon created fake Broadway Trump tweets and James Corden called Trump out for distracting America.

Colbert dressed up as colonial Trump to showcase the new hip-hop musical about Trump vs. Hamilton. "How does an orange bully son of a bitch and a con man/ Grab a pussy with Gary Busey — No taxes evident/  Grow up to be a hero and a president?" raps Colbert. He refers to Pence as a "great white-haired veep who doesn't like the gays" and gives a rousing call for his soldiers "Men — to the tweets!"

In his monologue, Colbert talked about Pence's visit to the popular musical. "It's surprising he went to Broadway because Pence believes that being on Broadway is a choice that can be cured," said Colbert, alluding to Pence's support of gay "conversion therapy." "It's 'pray away the Broadway' right?"

He joked that after watching Hamilton, Pence pledged to "bring the country back to the 18th century."

As for Trump, Colbert informed him that "the only president that gets to complain about the theater is Abraham Lincoln," and then teasingly said that Trump should "build the fourth wall" and make Andrew Lloyd Webber pay for it. He opened his show with a sketch in which the Lion King cast apologizes to Mike Pence on behalf of Hamilton.

"Who gets in a fight with a musical?" Jimmy Kimmel asked during his monologue. "How is it possible that Donald Trump can get along with Putin but not Hamilton?"

After reading out Trump's Twitter rant against Hamilton, including his insult that the cast can't memorize lines, Kimmel played a funny mashup of a synchronized Pence saying exactly the same thing on two different TV news channels. "That's how you memorize lines by the way," said Kimmel.

He joked that the Hamilton cast agreed to apologize as soon as Trump apologizes to the following parties, scrolling through a list of the many people Trump has insulted including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John McCain and Muslims.

Continuing to joke about the feud, Kimmel created a "Lie Witness News" segment on Alexander Hamilton himself starting a fight with Pence.

One man said that the Treasury secretary should have to show his birth certificate to prove he's American. Undeterred by the fact that Hamilton is dead, the people interviewed expressed their opinion about his fight with Pence. Even when the interviewer pointed out that Hamilton is from the 1700s, they continued to comment on the fight. 

A woman agreed it was off-putting to see Hamilton in his powdered wig on CNN, calling it "childish" and "hard to describe." 

"It's almost like it didn't happen," teased the interviewer.

Seth Meyers reflected on Trump and his team's distraction tactics in his "Closer Look" segment. "President-elect Donald Trump prompted new questions this weekend about his foreign business ties to potential conflicts of interests — questions Trump responded to by picking a fight with the cast of a Broadway musical," said Meyers.

Meyers quoted Brandon Victor Dixon's plea to Pence, asking him to "work on behalf of all of us."

“How dare you shout such hateful rhetoric from the stage? Next time you disagree with someone from the audience, take a page from our president-elect, who does it with dignity," said Meyers, deadpan as he played a clip of Trump kicking someone out of his rally and telling people to confiscate his coat.

Meyers then talked about booing politicians as a time-honored American tradition, showed video of Pence getting booed at a baseball game in his home state of Indiana. He commended Pence for a "calm, mature response" to the booing before focusing on Trump's tweets. However, he wanted to emphasize that the nation shouldn't get distracted from Trump's $25 million fraud lawsuit settlement or the conflict-of-interest problems he's been having.

"Twitter feuds may be fun, but we need to pay attention to what team Trump is really up to, because they want us to be distracted," said Meyers, quoting Steve Bannon's interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he called darkness good and said Dick Cheney, Darth Vader are all examples of power. "It only helps us when they [liberals]...get it wrong," said Bannon. "When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”

Now I know that sounds terrifying," said Meyers, pausing and adding, "And by the way can you even imagine how the media would react if Hillary Clinton had met with her business partners while she was still secretary of state and one of her aides talked positively about Satan?" He said news networks would have reacted by booing, replaying the Indiana baseball game video. 

Jimmy Fallon teased Trump for saying he settled his Trump University fraud lawsuit so that he could work as president-elect, then going on to tweet insults at the cast of Hamilton.

He joked that Trump had tweeted a lot about other Broadway shows, before reading out a series of fake Trump tweets.

"Just saw 'Rent.' Such a sad story. I teared up when landlord didn't evict those kids!" read Fallon. Fake Twitter Trump also wished he had sat in the front row of Cats because all he wanted to do was "grab one of them."

"I can do it because I'm a star!"


James Corden joked about the theater audience booing Pence saying, "When the theater kid picks on you, you know that you truly are the least popular kid at school."

He, like many of the other hosts, joked about Trump supporters calling for a boycott to Hamilton tickets despite the show being sold out for months. Then he said that Trump is doing all of this as a large distraction to his issues, including his $25 million lawsuit settlement.

"Trump's basically like, 'Hey America, look over here! Rudeness, Hamilton, boycott, outrage!" yelled Corden, pretending to be Trump. He interrupted himself to stage-whisper off to the side, "Who do I make this 25 million dollar?" going back into how terrible it is about Hamilton then returning to his stage-whispering:  "It's for fraud right?"