Late-Night Hosts Laugh at Trump's "Working" Vacation

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert joked that the president is residing at his New Jersey golf club "to relax after months of grueling golf at Mar-a-Lago."

Donald Trump continues to assert that he is not on vacation during his 17-day trip to his golf club in New Jersey. The president has been called hypocritical by observers who point out he often criticized former President Obama for his vacations and even said he would not be out playing golf if he were elected.

The late-night hosts Monday had fun teasing Trump for insisting he's not going back on his word.

Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that Trump tweeted at least 15 times yesterday about how hard he is working while on vacation. He also said that video footage of Trump golfing makes it look like he's on vacation, but if you look at the tweet you "see right there, "meetings and calls" with an exclamation point."

Kimmel presented a collection of old Trump tweets that contradict his current actions, jokingly saying that it's America's fault for paying attention to Trump's words and not what's on the inside.

"I want to apologize to the president for thinking his vacation is a vacation when plainly it’s not," said Kimmel. “Just for the record, ordering Chris Christie to go on a White Castle run does not count as a meeting or a call.”

Kimmel also touched on the New York Times' weekend report that Pence is preparing for a 2020 presidential run, which the vice president vehemently denied. Kimmel said that he believes Pence when he says he's not running in 2020, because he's "going to be president much, much sooner than that." Kimmel also released a fake non-campaign ad for Pence's upcoming run.

Stephen Colbert opened CBS' Late Show with "vacation slides" from Trump's Bedminster trip, showing the president watching cable news in bed and eventually throwing his television out of the window.

"As of Friday, Donald Trump is on a 17-day vacation at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. He’s there to relax after months of grueling golf at Mar-a-Lago," said Colbert. 

The Late Show host jokingly bemoaned Trump having to take "meetings and calls" on his vacation, saying, "Man, I would not want to work for Vladimir Putin." Colbert said Trump really needs a vacation since his approval numbers are so low, and brought up the report about Pence running in 2020.

After teasing that Pence is popular in Iowa because he was one of the original children of the corn, Colbert read Pence's insistent denial that he is not running in 2020. "He's definitely running," laughed Colbert. "Without a doubt."

The Late Late Show's James Corden highlighted that Trump celebrated 200 days at the White House by "not going to work at the White House."

“This morning, Trump tweeted he will be working in New Jersey while the White House goes through a long-planned renovation," said Corden. "The White House does need some work, apparently that place has a ton of leaks.”

He said he didn't know if it was such a good idea for Trump to be working from Bedminster. "The last time Trump worked from New Jersey, he bankrupted a casino," Corden said. "How do you bankrupt a casino?"

Corden, like Kimmel, joked that Pence isn't interested in being president in 2020 because he's interested in being president after Trump is impeached this year.

Jimmy Fallon also reflected on Trump, saying his vacation is not a vacation. "The staff at the White House said, 'For us it is. Never been happier,'" joked Fallon.

He pointed out that Putin is on vacation at the same time and said that unlike the Russian leader, at least Trump keeps his shirt on.