Late Night TV's Best Jokes About Donald Trump, Osama Bin Laden

Stephen Colbert, left, and Jon Stewart

David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert make jokes their Monday night shows.

David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert all made jokes about Donald Trump and Osama bin Laden on their late-night shows Monday night.

In his top 10 list on CBS' Late Show, Letterman imagined what bin Laden's final words were before he was killed Sunday by U.S. forces, as noted by Entertainment Weekly.

At No. 7: "What on Earth could be interrupting Celebrity Apprentice?"

The jab was in reference to the fact that President Obama -- whom Trump has publicly attacked for several months -- made the announcement of bin Laden's death in primetime Sunday, pre-empting regularly scheduled shows including Trump's Celebrity Apprentice.

On TBS' Conan, O'Brien also noted the Apprentice pre-emption.

"Which begs the question, how do we kill bin Laden again next Sunday?" he quipped.

Fallon, host of NBC's Late Night, impersonated Trump at the beginning of his show.

"To me, the message is clear," said Fallon as Trump. "President Obama is so scared of me and so desperate for attention that he felt the need to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden right in the middle of my show. Classic Obama move."

On Comedy Central's Daily Show, Stewart could barely contain his excitement over the news of bin Laden's death.

"I suppose I should be expressing some ambivalence about the targeted killing of another human being, and yet, uh, no," he told his Daily Show audience. "I just want details. What look did he give when Bin Laden realized the helicopters overhead were not giving traffic and weather updates? You think he pulled a Culkin?" Stewart quipped, showing the iconic image of Macauley Culkin with his hands on his cheeks and a shocked look on his face from Home Alone. (Gawker has the video.)

Fellow Comedy Central late-night host Colbert said he was "as giddy as a schoolgirl who just shot bin Laden in the eye."

“Suck my giant American balls, Al Qaeda,” he said on Monday’s Colbert Report, adding, “Hey Osama, no 3D movies for you in hell. Which I’m pretty sure would be The Last Airbender. ... I am just so happy. And I hope I am never again this happy over someone’s death.”

He added that he can “finally now throw my long-awaited ‘We Got Bin Laden Party,’” after which dusty and deflated balloons fell from the ceiling. “They’re a little dusty. They’ve been up there since 2002.” He also brought out a moldy cake with an image of bin Laden’s in Bjork’s infamous swan dress. The cake read: “Whassssup! Bin Laden, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.”

Quipped Colbert: “Folks, believe me, in 2002 this cake was hilarious.” (Gawker has the video here.)