'Late Night' Writer Blasts Kevin Spacey for Coming Out Via Harassment Apology

Late Night with Seth Meyers Still Jenny Hagel Skit - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of NBC

During Wednesday night's show, Jenny Hagel comically criticized the 'House of Cards' star, rejecting him from the gay community.

On Wednesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers, writer Jenny Hagel took jabs at Kevin Spacey's controversial apology for allegedly making a sexual advance at Anthony Rapp in which Spacey also came out as gay.

"I'm gay and as a gay woman, I have a lot of problems with Kevin Spacey's statement," Hagel began in her segment entitled "A Lot of Problems." "It is inappropriate to respond to an accusation of pedophilia by saying 'I'm gay.' The only appropriate response to 'You tried to have sex with a 14-year-old' is 'I am also a 14-year-old.'"

Although Hagel asserts that coming out is a "courageous act of honesty," Spacey's moment was used as a "justification for a crime." "That's why no one goes to court and says, 'I plead gay' or enter the legal term 'gabeous corpus,'" Hagel joked.

Another problem Hagel had with Spacey's statement was that it reinforces the "incorrect stereotype" of gay people being sexual predators.

"Kevin Spacey's statement sets us back," Hagel said, referencing statistics stating that gay people have a lower risk of being pedophiles compared to straight people. "That's an indisputable fact. Like two plus two equals four or K-Pax has a 41 percent [freshness rating] on Rotten Tomatoes," Hagel quipped about Spacey's 2001 film.

Hagel also criticized Spacey for blaming his action on "drunken behavior."

"That makes it sound like every gay person is two beers from molesting a kid. I'm not. I'm two beers away from singing 'Come to my Window' at karaoke. And three beers away from singing it from my window, " Hagel said.

Hagel then commented on Spacey choosing to come out after apologizing to Rapp.

"Now you choose to live as a gay man after you threw us all under the bus? That's like saying, 'I told everyone you're an asshole. Now I choose to come to your dinner party.' Too late. You're not invited," Hagel explained.

"The gay community has been made up of brave, brilliant people. … You're not in the gay community. You're in the creep community," Hagel angrily directed to Spacey. "Go celebrate creep pride and throw a little creep parade and leave us out of it."

Hagel also noted that Spacey has a misconception of what it's like to be gay after stating that he chooses to "live as a gay man."

"You don't choose to be gay. That's not how it works, son," Hagel said to Spacey. "Do you think I choose to be rejected by my church and own three pairs of cargo shorts? You're born this way. Even a woman in a meat dress knows that," Hagel joked, alluding to Lady Gaga.

"Being gay is a rich and amazing life experience. Assaulting a 14-year-old is a crime. Don't confuse the two. And whatever you do, don't watch K-Pax on Netflix," Hagel finished.