'Late Night' Writers Break Down Trump Impeachment Inquiry in Mock Ad

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Amber Ruffin, Jenny Hagel and Ally Hord starred in a fake commercial that explained the Congressional procedure.

Late Night writers Amber Ruffin, Jenny Hagel and Ally Hord teamed up for a fake commercial that explained the impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Thursday's episode of the late-night show.

The commercial opened with the three women playing a card game in a kitchen. After Hagel said that she loves their get-togethers, Ruffin responded, "You know what I don't love? Not understanding everything that's going on with our country." She then asked her friends if they knew what an "impeachment inquiry" is.

Hord admitted that she wasn't sure what the difference between impeachment and an impeachment inquiry was, though she added, "Peach-mint is my favorite kind of martini," just one of several joking asides she'd make throughout the ad as Hagel and Ruffin try to understand the Congressional process.

Hagel explained that an impeachment inquiry is when Congress conducts an investigation to see if there is enough evidence of wrongdoing to allow for articles of impeachment to be drawn up.

While Hord was satisfied with Hagel's explanation, Ruffin asked her friend to further explain the process. Hagel said that some members of Congress feel that Trump's impeachment is justified "because he's committed a high crime or misdemeanor, even if it's not a violation of a criminal statute."

She continued to explain that other members of Congress "think the Constitution doesn't legally define a high crime." 

For the impeachment inquiry, six House committees will investigate the allegations against Trump and present their findings to the Judiciary Committee, Hagel explained. If there is enough evidence, the House will vote on whether Trump should be impeached.

Ruffin asked if that meant the president would be out of the White House, a common assumption, but Hagel explained that the matter would move to the Senate. The Senate will then hold a trial, "as long as the Senate majority leader doesn't decide to dismiss the whole thing."

Hagel next explained how the Senate trial would work. "The president's lawyers will defend him. The members of the Senate will act as the jury and the whole thing's presided over by a Supreme Court Justice," she explained. Hord popped up to add, "Like Judge Judy!"

After the women clarified that Judge Judy is not a member of the Supreme Court, Hagel continued, "The president is only removed from office if two-thirds of the members present vote to convict."

Hagel admitted at the end of the segment that she wasn't sure if Trump would be impeached. "I guess it all comes down to one thing," said Hord. While Ruffin said it was in the hands of Congress, Hord said, "Judge Judy."

Watch the full segment below.