Latest CW promos tout 'Gossip Girl'

'WTF' stands for 'Watch This Fall' in new campaign

The CW is again diving into text-message shorthand for its latest provocative ad campaign.

To promote Season 3 of "Gossip Girl," the network is set to launch a campaign Monday to get its young viewers saying "WTF" (well, even more so).

Unlike last year's eyebrow-raising "OMG" campaign, however, there's a more practical twist this time. During on-air ads, "WTF" (which typically stands for "What the F***"), is revealed by the network to stand for "Watch This Fall."

"Gossip's" branding efforts really hit their stride last year with the "OMG" ads, then had critics quote ads that turned prudish slams of the show on their heels, followed by a Britney Spears meets Chuck Bass "Womanzier" campaign in the winter.

The new "WTF" ads follow up an evocative print campaign for "Melrose Place" ("Menage a Tues") and a campaign for "Vampire Diaries" ("Love Sucks").

"Gossip" returns Sept. 14.