Lathan, Long head to 'Cleveland'


Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long have come on board Fox's midseason animated comedy "The Cleveland Show."

Meanwhile, Camille Sullivan and Sarah Glendening landed the two remaining leads on Lifetime's drama pilot "Mistresses."

"Cleveland" is a spinoff from "Family Guy" centered on Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry). Lathan ("Raisin in the Sun") will voice a single mom and Cleveland's love interest. Long ("Big Shots") will voice her rebellious teen daughter.

Based on the BBC series, "Mistresses" revolves around four thirtysomething college friends (Sullivan, Holly Maria Combs, Brooke Burns and Rochelle Aytes) and the younger sister of one of them (Glendening). Sullivan's character is a doctor reeling from the death of a patent. (partialdiff)