Laudville Launches for Film, Music and Book Discovery

The startup combines personalized recommendations with social elements to help people discover new content on the Internet.

There are so many films and TV shows available to stream on the Internet these days that it’s hard to keep track of where to find them all.

To solve that problem, former lawyer Phoebe Scott has started Laudville, part search engine, part recommendation tool and part social network to help people discover new films, music and books.

“I’ve always been a huge entertainment enthusiast,” says Scott. “If there was a movie I wanted to watch, I wanted a one-stop shop to see if anybody I knew had seen it and what they thought of it.”

Laudville launched out of beta this week with new features such as a friend finder for connecting with Facebook or Twitter friends and an updated profile that shows a person’s consumption history.

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The website has a database of content available on iTunes, Hulu and Amazon. When a person searches for a TV show, for example, Laudville shows where that show can be watched. That show can then be rated and shared with friends in the person’s Laudville network.

Laudville started with just film and television but has since expanded into music and books.

Says Scott, “Our tastes in entertainment are all connected.”

There are several websites and apps that catalog available online content or create social interactions around content consumption. GetGlue, for example, asks people to check in when they watch a movie and awards badges based on viewing habits. Fayve, from Paul Allen’s Vulcan, is a search and recommendation app around film and TV.

Scott acknowledges that there are several competitors to Laudville but says that expanding beyond film and TV has helped her company find a niche.