'Laughing Baby' Appears on Today Show (Video)

But 10-month-old Micah McArthur doesn't react when Matt Lauer rips up paper on live TV.

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"Laughing baby" Micah McArthur, the 10-month-old who has been watched more than 5.8 million times on YouTube hysterically giggling, appeared on the Today show Friday.

His dad, Marcus, a PhD student in American History, explained that Micah began to laugh as he ripped up a job rejection letter. "It was great. It really lifted my spirit. I thought I should tape it and send it to mom as she was at work. He just went crazy!"

Within a week or so, more than 1,000 people had watched. "[I joked], 'We don't know that many people, what's going on?'" Marcus went on.

Matt Lauer tried to get Micah to laugh again at ripping paper, but he just sucked his thumb and smiled. "It's hit and miss," admitted Marcus. However, a fake sneeze from Lauer caused Micah to smile and giggle.

"We finally found someone who will laugh at Meredith's jokes," quipped Lauer.

Meredith Vieira asked if Micah will begin doing commercial work, to which his mom said, "It'd be great if we could build his college fund in some way."