Laura Benanti Talks Impersonating First Lady: "We Are All Melania Trump"

"I feel like we’re all reluctantly married to Donald Trump."

It has been one year since Laura Benanti debuted her Melania Trump impression on The Late Show, following Melania's plagiarized speech at the Republican National Convention.

Back on The Late Show, as herself, Benanti talked about how her impression started with Stephen Colbert pointing out that the actress looked like Melania. After the RNC, when Melania's speech turned out to be remarkably similar to an older speech of Michelle Obama's, Colbert asked Benanti to appear on the show.

Benanti said she worked on her impression while taking the train from Delaware to New York. "I was obsessively watching her speech," she recalled. "I was sitting next to this gentleman who looked very disturbed because I kept zooming in on her mouth." Benanti mimicked her pout and accent while on the train.

"I feel like basically now we are all Melania Trump," said Benanti. "I feel like we’re all reluctantly married to Donald Trump."

"I do have empathy for her but at the same time I'm like, 'Well you also chose that,'" she said, prompting Colbert to remark that America did as well. "Did we?" joked Benanti, as Colbert laughed and referenced the Electoral College.

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