Laura Benanti's Melania Returns to 'Late Show,' Teases Ivana

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Still Laura Benanti - Screenshot - H 2017

The faux-FLOTUS also jokingly revealed her plan to escape The White House.

Stephen Colbert took a moment on Thursday's Late Show to express his sympathy for Melania Trump.

“President Trump has been very tough on immigrants, but it hasn’t all been deportations. He’s also detaining some foreigners against their will. For instance, Melania,” Colbert joked.

The host proceeded to explain the recent back-and-forth between the first lady and Trump’s first wife Ivana, who revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that she doesn’t want to call Trump at the White House, as a way to avoid stirring “jealousy” with Melania because she’s the “First Trump wife.”

Melania responded to the claim saying, “There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex, this is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise.”

“Okay, to be fair, ‘attention-seeking’ and ‘self-serving noise’ is the motto on the Trump family crest,” Colbert said.

Ivana also said she thinks Melania is simply “trying her best” to be a good first lady, to which Colbert retorted, “Wow, get that kitty a saucer of mink."

“With all this going on, I feel bad for the First Lady, so I wanted to give her equal time to respond,” Colbert said, before introducing the Late Show's frequent Melania Trump impersonator, Laura Benanti.  

“I want you to feel like The Late Show is your home,” Colbert told Benanti’s Melania, only for her to respond, “Aw, can I move in there?”

After Colbert asked the faux Melania about Ivana’s subtle jabs, she acted indifferent. “They did not affect me, Stephen,” she said. “In fact, I want to let Mrs. Trump know that I have tremendous admiration and respect for Ivanka.”

“Her name is Ivana,” Colbert quickly corrected, only for fake Melania to respond, “I know,” with a wink. Later adding, “That’s why when she goes low, I go ‘Bye bitch!

Colbert then proceeded to ask whether she encouraged Trump to run for president, allegedly having told him, “Your friends are tired of this striptease.”

The faux-FLOTUS said, “I usually stop watching around the time he gets his belt buckle tangled in his giant tie."

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, Benanti’s Melania also revealed that she found “inspiration” from Santa Claus for an escape plan. “If you can come down a chimney to go into a house, then you can go up a chimney to get out of a house,” she said. Benanti then revealed the rope she created out of the family Christmas stockings, excitedly shouting, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good-bye!”