Laura Ingraham: I Accept Ed Schultz's Apology

John Moore/Getty Images
Laura Ingraham

VIDEO: The conservative talker addressed the "slut" comments made by Schultz and implied that she disagreed with MSNBC’s decision to suspend him.

Conservative talker Laura Ingraham accepted liberal talker Ed Schultz’s apology for calling her a “slut” a couple of times on his radio show and even suggested -- without coming right out and saying it -- that she disagreed with MSNBC’s decision to suspend him.
Ingraham likened what happened to Schultz to how Don Imus was raked over the coals and eventually fired by CBS Radio for his degrading description of the Rutgers women’s basketball team.
“I wasn’t one of those people who was in favor of taking Imus off the air and treating him like he was treated. He made a mistake and he apologized,” Ingraham said on her radio show Thursday. “They dragged him through the streets. That’s not what I’m about.”
Ingraham used the Imus affair as a metaphor for what Schultz has been going through since calling her a “right-wing slut” and “talk slut” on Tuesday. Even though Schultz made the slurs on his radio show, the following day MSNBC said management “accepted his offer to take one week of unpaid leave” from his TV show.
Ingraham began a four-minute segment of her show Tuesday with clips of Schultz apologizing to her intertwined with Elton John singing “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word.”
“I told my staff I didn’t really even want to discuss this today,” she said.
She said that what Schultz said about her, while “pretty crude,” isn’t worse than emails she gets regularly.
“Stuff is always said about me, right?,” she said to her staff on-air Thursday. “The more vile the thing that is said about me, the less it affects me. It doesn’t bother me at all.”
Schultz’s apology, she said, “seemed heartfelt. It seemed like he really wished he hadn’t said it, and I accept that apology.”
Ingraham ended the segment by noting Schultz was a strong conservative before making a hard left two decades ago. “Please come back, lost sheep,” she said.