Lauren Conrad Talks New 'Cinderella' Clothing Line: It's "Dreamy, Feminine" But Not "Overly Girly"

Photos Courtesy of Kohl's
Lauren Conrad wearing pieces from her Kohl's Disney's 'Cinderella,' a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad.

The launch of the princess-themed, Disney-Kohl's partnership dropped two weeks before the live-action fairy tale's theatrical release.

Since her documented high-school days on MTV's Laguna Beach and learning all things style, friends and love on The Hills, Lauren Conrad has blossomed from a beachy girl-next-door into a fashion-forward entrepreneurial designer with a self-titled line, channeling whimsical Cinderella in her most recent collection.

On Feb. 22, the LC Lauren Conrad Kohl's line released its Disney Cinderella collection, which features princess-inspired pieces including tulle skirts, dresses, glass-slipper- and magic-castle-adorned shirts and "Once Upon a Time" layered tanks. The launch came two weeks before the upcoming live-action March 13 Disney release of Cinderella starring Lily James, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter.

The eight-time author, Paper Crown designer (her second clothing line), co-founder of The Little Market and editor-in-chief of tells The Hollywood Reporter about her vision behind the line and how the Disney fairy tale inspired LC Lauren Conrad fashion.

How did the collaboration with Disney come about?

I have been a Disney fan since I was young. I love the movies, the music and I go to the parks often. The idea for this particular collaboration came to me during my last trip to Disneyland. I was inspired by the whimsical nature of all the simple joys I saw all around me and I wanted to design an accessible collection any woman could wear that was inspired by that magic.

Lauren Conrad wearing pieces from her Kohl's Disney's Cinderella, a collection by LC Lauren Conrad.

Why Cinderella and not another princess?

Cinderella is the first of many collaborations, but I wanted to start with her because it was the first film I remember seeing as a little girl, and I knew that with the color hues and the small details of the film, we could do something really sweet. Also, in the film there are so many powerful lessons about making good choices, remaining kind, thoughtful and optimistic, being industrious, taking risks and working hard.

How did the Disney film influence the line?

We didn’t go literal with the designs but were inspired by colors, scenes and tones of the movie. The film opens with a really sweet little town, so we took that still and printed it on a tulle skirt. There is also a scene where leaves are falling, so we used them to create a pattern. We have the glass slipper in sequins on an open-knit sweater. We focused on iconic moments throughout the movie.

What was your vision for the Cinderella line and what did you want it to embody?

I wanted the collection to be dreamy, feminine and pretty. The pieces are fun but also are styles that any woman can feel confident wearing. It was important to me to make sure the designs are wearable and versatile for all women.
Do you have a favorite piece in the collection?

I am partial to the tulle skirt at the moment — it’s just so much fun.

What was the most difficult aspect of creating this line?

I don’t want to say difficult because the line was actually really fun to collaborate on, but the challenge was not to get overly girly but really create a line that real women can wear.

Lauren Conrad wearing a dress from her Kohl's Disney's Cinderella, a collection by LC Lauren Conrad.

Are any future Disney-Kohl's collaborations down the line? If so, can you share anything about them?

There are, and I am really excited about them. Our next collaboration will be in May, but you will need to wait and see what it is.

Did you ever imagine starring in a teenage reality show would evolve into you becoming a fashion designer?

It was what I had hoped for and worked toward, and I feel so fortunate to be able to do something I really love and am passionate about.

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